How Does Air Duct Cleaning Improve Indoor Air Quality & Airflow in East Alton, IL?

Most people want to keep their home a place that they feel comfortable. There are lots of aspects of keeping your home comfortable. You need to ensure that it is secure and of course that the temperature is regulated with good AC and heating. You also want to make sure that damage and debris is repaired and removed from the premises. Lastly there is an aspect of the home life that you want to keep control of that you really won’t see. It is the air quality in your house. The air that is in your home is what you are breathing in on a regular basis and that is why you need to find ways to keep the air quality up. There are several ways to do that and the more you do the better your quality of air will be.

American Hometown Services Outlines How to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Have Air Ducts Cleaned: Your home will be full of allergens that you can find floating around the house. They will be in the air and on the surfaces throughout the house. When the air conditioner kicks on the air will be pulled from the house and circulated into the filter at the return air. Then sent through the duct system where it will come back out in the house. The filter should be catching as much of the debris as possible but it will not catch it all. That is why you need to schedule to have your air ducts cleaned. They can be full of all those same allergens that you should be concerned about. The air ducts are a system that has lanes that travel to each room in the house and will send the air to these rooms after being circulated. If they are not cleaned the allergens will be released back in the room.
Indoor Plants for Air Purification: Although one of the best ways to increase the air quality in the house is to have your air ducts cleaned you can still do more. You also can bring in some live pants. Live plants and trees are a way to decrease the amount of carbon dioxide in the house and increase the amount of oxygen. When you bring them in the house you are adding décor as well as increasing the air quality. There are even plants that also work in other ways such as herbs and medicinal uses.
Add New, Fresh Air: The air that is in the house may be full of allergens that will get stopped in the filter or stuck in the air ducts. That is why you want to occasionally let fresh air in the house from outside. Choose a day that is calm and no wind and open the windows and the doors. This will let in some fresh air and help to pull the stagnant air out. You also want to make sure that the AC and heater is turned off when they are open so your unit is not being used unnecessarily.

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