Do’s & Don’ts of Fire Damage in Hannibal, MO; What to Throw Away, Restore & More

When your home experiences fire damage, it can be a devastating loss. Structure, personal belongings, and irreplaceable sentimental possessions could easily be damaged during a fire, even a minor one. Enduring the after effects can be a frustrating experience, especially with the waves of emotions people naturally go through. With so many chaotic racing through your mind, it is easy to do things you should avoid and neglect the things you should do. Today, we at American Hometown Services would like to relate some dos and don’ts of fire damage, and likely water damage to put out the fire.

Don’ts After a Fire

Most of these may seem obvious, but when you are under duress, having a reminder can help you avoid additional problems.
1) Don’t enter the premises until you are advised by either the fire department or a qualified fire and water damage repair contractor to do so. Soon after the fire, this is particularly important. Though the fire may look it has completely been extinguished, it can still reignite or even explode, especially if there are areas of residual gas buildup within damaged pipes.
2) Properly dispose of any clothing damaged by fire, smoke, or water damage because wearing it can be harmful.
3) Toss our all consumable that were near the fire that are contaminated with soot or water damage; do not eat or drink these items.

Do’s After a Fire

These dos are important to remember.
1) Be cautious around roofing, ceilings and floors once you are permitted to enter as the structure can be weakened by the fire or water damage and cause it to collapse.
2) If the fire department or professional emergency fire and water damage contractor hasn’t already shutdown ALL of the utility lines, be sure to do it. To eliminate the risk of harm, disconnect all utility lines such as gas, water and electricity.
3) Call an experienced, licensed, and qualified fire and water damage restoration contractor, such as American Hometown Services to begin the process of cleanup and restoration. Professionals will secure home against further fire, smoke, and water damage. We can help distinguish the salvageable materials and personal property and properly dispose of any unsalvageable materials and possessions. Additionally, a deep cleaning and treatments are applied to ensure the safety of the occupants and avoid further problems of residual effects.
4. Most professionals are not in the position to do any of the following, but you should take care of the following as soon as possible.
– Call the landlord or mortgage lender.
– To replace any credit cards lost in the fire, call your credit card company to request replacement cards.
– Save and safely store the receipts for any money spent. Any money you have spent in relation to the fire or water damage loss can be turned into your insurance company. It can be useful during tax season as well prove the expenses incurred to replace fire and water damaged items.
– Call an accountant or the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to find out about any special benefits for recovering people that have to repair fire and water damage loss.

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American Hometown Services can quickly come to your location to help you start the cleanup and restoration process following a fire and/or water damage. Our experts are trained and experienced to be thorough and detailed to ensure the safety of you and your home. Contact us whenever disaster strikes.

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