How Do You Clean & Maintain Commercial Grade Carpet in Restaurants, Retail Stores, Office Buildings & More Beverly, IL?

Every business should strive to have clean carpets. Clean carpet ensures the business looks great and provides a healthier environment. However, each business will vary on how often the carpet will need to be cleaned. The nature of some businesses will demand more frequent carpet cleanings than others. Not only does the business owner determine how often carpets should be clean, but the type of carpet they have is another major consideration. American Hometown Services will break down some of the common business and carpet type to help you determine how often you should have your carpets cleaned.

Color & Types of Commercial Carpeting

The types and color of carpet will determine how often they should be cleaned. Long nap and pile carpet needs to be cleaned more often than short nap or pile carpets. Long pile carpet should be cleaned every three to six months while short pile carpet can go every six to eight months in between carpet cleanings. The color of the carpet can also play a major factor as well. Dark colored carpet can lose their color if it is over washed. Darker colored carpet should not be cleaned as often as lighter colored carpets.

Types of Commercial Space & Property

The carpet inside your business will help you determine how often they should be cleaned. Along with the type and color, the nature of the business will also determine how often the carpet will need to be cleaned. Following are some of the common businesses and recommended carpet cleaning schedules.
Restaurants and Bars – Restaurants and bars get a lot of foot traffic and there is the combination of food and drinks that will stain the carpets. Due to the nature of restaurants and bars, to keep your carpet clean, as well as stain and odor free, you should clean every three months.
Medical, Nursing, or Rehab Facilities – These establishments have carpet that will get dirty from foot traffic and need cleaning. When it come to a medical, nursing or rehab facility, it is very important that the carpets stay clean. Carpet can trap in dirt, develop fungi and produce a number of contaminants. For those that are receiving care, you need to keep the carpet clean to ensure a healthy environment. Medical and other similar settings should have their carpet cleaned every three months or more depending on the type of carpets inside the facility.
Retail Stores – Retail stores receive a ton of foot traffic which would demand a lot of carpet cleanings. However, most retail stores will have short pile and dark colored carpets. For retail centers with dark, short pile carpets, you should have the carpet cleaned about every six to eight months.
Office Building – An office will have some foot traffic but it is usually pretty minimal. For owners of office buildings, it is good to keep the carpet clean to ensure a healthy environment. To ensure a healthy environment it is recommended that an office has the carpets cleaned every six months.

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As there are many different types of business it is hard to say how often every type needs to be cleaned. However, with routine carpet cleanings you will extend the life of your carpet and ensure they look great and you have a healthy environment. For commercial carpet cleaning services and more, contact American Hometown Services today.

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