Can Mold Cause Allergies & Health Problems? Signs of Mold in Your Pittsfield, IL House & How to Get Rid of It?

Usually in damp, warm, and humid environments, molds, that are types of fungi, may grow indoors or outdoors. More often than not, the common household molds may be found around drywall, ceiling tiles, carpet, bathrooms, basements, wallpaper, under sinks, and around plumbing pipes. Unfortunately, many don’t realize they have a mold problem because they don’t know what to look for, and mold in the home can pose serious health risks. Today, we at American Hometown Services would like to share the common warning signs that your home has mold.

Can Mold Cause Health Problems?

People usually show allergy-related symptoms when someone has mold in their home. Consider this question: if you’re not sure whether your allergy-like symptoms are caused by mold in your home do your symptoms get better once you go outdoors or leave your home? If the answer is yes, there is good chance that mold is the culprit.

Symptoms of Mold Allergies

– Wheezing and Breathing Difficulties
– Itchy, Sore Throat
– Sneezing
– Sinus Headaches
– Watery, Itchy Eyes
– Itchy, Irritated Skin
– Coughing
– Congestion and Runny Nose
Being toxic, causing serious, life-threatening illness are some forms of household mold. Additionally, symptoms such as bleeding, internal organ damage, mental impairment, cancer, and even death can come from these highly dangerous molds might.

How Do You Know if Your Home has Mold?

As mentioned, mold in the home is dangerous. When you know what to look for, it’s usually easy to spot. You might have mold in your home if you notice the primary signs of mold.
1) Visible mold growth. There are some molds that may look white and thread-like, and others appear in clusters of small back spots. Also, common mold can be white, brown, black, or grayish green in color. Behind vinyl and wallpaper m old may look pink, orange, or purple
2) Water leaks. Especially if the leak is behind a wall or other hidden surface, mold growth from leaks isn’t always noticeable. It’s important to get it repaired quickly if you know of a leak. Mold can develop on areas where condensation builds up such as windows and metal pipes.
3) Damage from water sources. Mold will inevitably grow when there is any long-term moisture. You’re likely dealing with mold-producing problems if you notice bubbling, cracking, or peeling paint or wallpaper, or if your home has water stains, discoloration on walls, floor.
4) History of flooding. It is very likely that you have some form of mold growth as a result if your home has experienced any flooding in the past.
5) Odors of mold. Though not all molds put off a smell, most do. There might be mold in your home if you smell a persistent musty odor.

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Your house and your health can be severely damaged by mold. Seek a professional mold inspection right away if you think your home might have a mold problem. For safe, fast, affordable, and effective mold inspection and treatment, call in the experts of American Hometown Services and let us assist you!

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