How Do You Clean an Office Kitchen & Breakroom in Barry, IL? Store Cleaning Supplies Properly & More

To ensure they are organized and hygienic environments, the office kitchen and breakroom require routine cleaning. When it is a mess, the kitchen can be a source of frustration. Today, we at American Hometown Services would like to share some tips to keep the office kitchen clean.

Optimize Kitchen Storage & Keep it Clean

Keeping the kitchen clean and organized can be very difficult at the office. It can serve as a gathering point for the employees as the room holds different items. As a result, keeping the place clean and clutter-free can be daunting. It is wise to note what goes where for easier access with individual items needing designated storage. Designate where to place the cups, pans, paper towels, tea, coffee, sugar, straws, plates, and lids. Maintaining a clean and organized kitchen can help avoid some of the stresses associated with the office desk. To help people know what goes where, label the various storage options for everything. This also encourages them to put everything back in the designated areas.

Store Cleaning Supplies Properly

When you cannot access the necessary cleaning supplies, keeping the kitchen and breakroom clean can be difficult. Make sure you have plenty of paper towels, sponges, dish soap, and scrubbers for dealing with dirty dishes and spills. Station recycling bins and garbage cans in designated areas as well. Ensure there is no reason to give anyone not to immediately deal with trash, dirty dishes, and spills through your efforts.

Maintain Separate Overflow of Sundry Items

You may need to stock up more of specific things than others. You might need more paper towels and plates than cleaning detergent and scrubbers for example. You do not have keep the extra supplies in the accessible cabinet, but you could store them in a less accessed closet or a higher cabinet. By having one item opened to minimize wastage, it is a strategy that helps you maximize the available storage and manage the stocks.

Select Quality Kitchen Appliances

If your breakroom’s countertops are cluttered with supplies and stacks of dirty dishes, this situation calls for a new approach to the different appliances available. You need a fridge that can serve the entire office for instance. To ease the cleaning when people are done with their dishes but pressed for time to handle other responsibilities, you can also bring in a high-efficiency dishwasher. Not only does it eliminate the need to do the dishes by hand, but it will help manage the dirty dishes in the sink and countertops.

Invest in Professional Cleaning Services

To maintain a clean, professional image, you might have a staff that pitches in without complaint. There are many areas where spills and food crumbs hide and generate funky smells despite being quick to take care of messes. To lessen the burden on your employees, working with a professional cleaning company can help. To ensure your kitchen or break room is clean, they are trained experts with the requisite cleaning products and skills.

Professional Cleaning Services & More in Quincy, Macomb, Hamilton, Warsaw & East Alton Illinois | Hannibal, Missouri

We are committed to providing quality cleaning services and go above and beyond to ensure higher standards. We use the most effective disinfectants, sanitizers, and detergents to leave your kitchen fresh and spotless as our cleaners have years of detail-oriented experience. Call American Hometown Services and let us take care of your business.

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