How Do I Know if there is Mold in My Carpets in Colchester, IL? Damp Carpet, Musty Smell, Stains & More

Carpet is a great flooring material that offers many different benefits as a flooring choice. Carpet provides a soft surface for play, it is considered a non-slip flooring and it helps improve a home’s efficiency. Even though carpet is a great floor covering, it can develop some major problems. Often when carpet is exposed to moisture it can develop mold. Moisture exposure can vary from indoor flooding, high humidity and even oversoaking the carpet during cleaning. When mold develops in the carpet it poses a major health hazard. It is important to have the carpets deep cleaned and treated to kill the mold in the carpet. American Hometown Services will share the common signs of mold in your carpets.

What Does Mold Smell like in Carpet?

When you can pick up the scent of a musty odor, in most cases you’re smelling mold. Mold has a wet earth like smell, and when the odors are at their strongest this is when the mold is releasing its spores into the air. The stronger you can smell the mold the closer you are to its location. If you can smell the mold but not see it, then most likely it is underneath your carpets.

Can Mold in House Cause Allergies?

One common sign that there is mold in the home is indoor allergies. Many people have allergic reactions when they breathe in the mold spores. When you begin to suffer from allergies inside of your home and it seems out of nowhere, often it is due to a recent development of mold. The mold must be located and treated to help stop the allergies. When, looking for the mold location be sure to check the carpets. The mold may even be underneath the carpet padding, so do not rule out your carpet if it is not easily seen.

Damp Carpet

Another sign that there is mold in your carpet is when it is damp. Mold loves damp dark places and the carpet is an ideal area for mold to thrive. When there is a leak inside the home and the carpet has been exposed to water or seems to stay damp, then most likely there is mold developing inside the carpet. When there is an area of the carpet that has been dampened it is worth peeling the carpet back and checking for mold.

Mold Stains in Carpet

When carpets begin to look discolored, particularly when they begin to look various shades of green, white, or black, often the color you are see is mold. Depending on the type of mold that is growing in your carpet, the coloring can vary. However, discolored carpets is the mold and it needs to be cleaned to ensure the safety of the household.

How Do I Know if My Carpet is Moldy?

If you want to confirm that there is mold in the carpet you can buy a mold testing kit. If you believe there is mold go to the most likely site where the mold might be. Use the kit to test the mold. Follow the directions and test the carpet. If the test comes back positive then you know you must react properly.

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When there is mold in your carpet, it is essential to have the carpet professionally cleaned. If you have mold or need carpet cleaning services and more, contact American Hometown Services today.

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