Aging in Place Remodeling; How Can I Make My Bathroom More Senior Friendly in Macomb, IL?

If you have found your forever home, you may want to make some considerations before you start remodeling it. This is especially true in the bathroom. When you put some forethought into the remodel, you can have the peace of mind the comes in knowing you will enjoy that space for many years to come. American Hometown Services is here to talk about some tips that can help make your bathroom remodel a great one in your forever home.

Curbless & Low Threshold Showers

When you have a young and growing family, a tub and shower combo can be helpful. As you get older though, they can be more of a nuisance than they are convenient. In fact, getting in and out of a tub and shower combo as you get older can actually be dangerous. Choosing to put a low threshold shower in or a curb less shower will make the space something you can use no matter what. Keeping that space easy to get in and out of will not be something you will regret down the road.

Built In Shower Bench

It can be helpful to have somewhere to easily sit down when you are in the shower. Many people choose to put in a built-in shower seat in their bathroom remodel. This can help with slip and fall possibilities down the road. If there is someone in your home that is in a wheelchair, it is almost a must have to put some sort of seating in your shower space.

Handheld Shower Heads

This is an absolute must for any forever home. This combined with some shower seating can make all the difference when you have a person with limited mobility using the shower. Another benefit that comes from having a handheld shower head is that you will be able to clean the space with much more ease than a shower that is set in place.

Install Bathroom Grab Bars

When most people think about grab bars in their shower, they think of an unfortunate looking piece of metal that doesn’t do much aesthetically for the space. However, not all grab bars need to be ugly. There are several that are tasteful and blend well with your design. You can put grab bars in the shower as well as near the toilet to help with getting up and in these spaces.

Modify Storage Space in Bathroom

You will always need storage space in a bathroom. For your forever home, think about storage solutions that are easy to reach. Down the road, you may not have as much mobility as you do right now and you will appreciate storage spaces that are easy to get to.

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