From Cleaning Restrooms to Employee Break Rooms; Commercial Building Janitorial Services Checklist for Offices & Other Businesses in Quincy IL

During the holiday season businesses are often at their busiest time of year, making deadlines, quotas and even hosting the always looked forward to office party. All year long your office building endures heavy foot traffic, insurmountable amounts of garbage from paper and other office supplies and a slow but sure amount of dust, dirt and grime that collects on shelves, windows and other areas of the office throughout the year. A clean office and work space are essential to a productive work environment. When employees work in a clean area, they are much more likely to be more focused on their task at hand rather than worrying about the cleanliness of a bathroom, a roach crawling across their shoe or a layer of mystery in the break room microwave.

Restroom Cleaning Services

One of the best ways to keep your office building clean, productive and sanitary is to hire American Hometown Services to get the job done right. When you hire American Hometown Services to clean your entire office building you will be totally prepared for the New Year. American Hometown Services will clean your office building completely and give you and your employees a sense of pride when they return to work for the New Year. The bathroom of your office building will be scrubbed from top to bottom. Any mold, mildew or filth will be cleaned and your bathrooms will be left looking like new with a special shine.

Employee Break Room Cleaning

Another area that requires special attention when it comes to cleaning your office building is the employee break room. Often times food is left behind that no one will claim or throw away, so it is left sitting in the break room refrigerator collecting mold and grossing everyone else out. The sink, the microwave and the coffee maker are all areas that can use extra attention. When was the last time your break room floor was mopped? American Hometown Services will get your office break room sparkling and give your employees a place to eat their lunch without worrying about any lingering filth.

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Dust can slowly build up on office equipment like copy machines, computers and shredders. American Hometown Services will remove every inch of dust from your building, creating a clean and pristine working environment for you and your employees. Floors will be scrubbed, garbage will be taken out and windows will be cleaned. Contact American Hometown Services today to get your office ready for another year of success.

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