Fire Damage in Hannibal MO Means You’ll Need Smoke & Water Damage Restoration too! Call American Hometown Services for Emergency Assistance!

If you have ever been the victim of a fire in your home, you know the devastation that it brings. The fire can run so quickly through a house and catch on to so many things in just a matter of minutes. Areas of the home that have not actually been burned are still going to suffer effects from the fire. Whether it is a large fire or a small one, the damage that it can cause can be major. You want to be sure that no matter the size of the damage you allow a professional to come in and clean up the mess. The problem with a fire is that you are looking at several angles of damage. You have fire damage from the actual flames, smoke damage that can negatively affect the rest of the house and you have water damage from the hoses that were used to extinguish the fire. Just when you thought that a fire wasn’t enough, you have to deal with two other types of damage as well.

American Hometown Services has outlined some of the effects that Fire, Smoke and Water damage can have on your home.

Assistance After House Fire Damage – When you have a fire, the actual fire damage is the part that the flames have actually effected. Anywhere that has been charred or burned is the area that is considered to have damage from the fire itself. This is the easy stuff to spot and can be the most devastating. Most of this type of damage will need to be removed and replaced with new materials. The flames can reach high and spread quickly so this area of damage can be pretty extensive.

How to Clean Smoke Damage – The smoke is what happens when a fire is burning. It lets off smoke that has to find a way out. The smoke will follow whatever path necessary to keep moving up. That means that as the smoke rises up, it is damaging all the walls, doors, furniture, clothes and personal belongings on its way. This is not your first immediate concern but as you begin the cleanup process, you will notice that much more of the home was effected and needs to be taken care of.

Water Damage House Repair & Restoration: When you have a fire you are sure to also have water damage. The water or liquid that is used to extinguish the fire is necessary but in the end it is another element that has be cleaned up correctly to ensure that mold and mildew does not begin to grow. The water can be in the walls, furniture and especially the carpets. Many times the carpets can be saved from water damage but you have to act fast. It is always best to call an emergency water damage restoration company like American Hometown Services for immediate water extraction as well as carpet cleaning and deodorization.

If you have been the victim of a fire (or need any other cleaning or restoration service) you need to call American Hometown Services today in Quincy, Macomb, Hamilton, Warsaw & East Alton Illinois | Hannibal, Missouri | Norman, Oklahoma and allow us to come in and restore your home to how it was before the disaster struck.

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