Fire, Soot & Smoke Damage Restoration Process, Procedures & Tips in Hannibal, MO

If you have never suffered from a house fire you probably don’t know the full extent of the devastation. Although you can speculate that there will be smoke and fire the damage does not end there. However the fire starts can determine how fast it could spread. It also depends on the location of the home and what you have in the home that might act as a catalyst to the fire. When a fire has enough oxygen to fuel it, the flames can get carried away very fast. When the fire department shows up to extinguish the flames the damage will stop from the flames but the method used will cause secondary damage as well. The clean up after a fire is essential in saving your personal belongings and keeping what is salvageable. The cleaning crew will know that the fire has caused damage in many aspects and treating each area properly is important.

American Hometown Services Outlines the Different Levels Of Damage That Occur Because Of A Fire

Flames Cause Fire Damage: The part of the fire that everyone knows causes damage are the flames. They are when they are close to a fabric, wood or plastic will heat it up so that it melts, chars or turns to ash. Although this is the most common part of the fire that people talk about it is not always the most damaging.
Smoke Causes Property Damage: The old saying goes where there’s smoke there’s fire. The furthest reaching aspect of a fire is the actual smoke. It comes as the areas of your home burn. The smoke comes in two different forms depending on how hot the fire is burning. The hotter the fire the soot will be dry and will smear around much easier. The good thing is that this dry soot will actually not cause as much staining as the slower fire. The slower the fire the stickier and wet the soot will be. The wet soot will cause more stains as well as be much harder to clean off. The soot will be quite oily which is why it is harder to clean. The smoke can reach to all areas of the home, even in rooms that are not touched by any flames at all.
Water & Chemicals Cause Damage: Now that the fire is blazing you grab a phone to call the fire department. They are a great resource that will come out and work to extinguish the blaze. The fire department although well-meaning will be using chemicals to stop the flames and ensure that they do not reignite. The chemical compound will leave a layer of crust on all the surfaces in your home. This includes your belongings and everything else in your home. The chemicals add to what will need to be cleaned in the restoration. The other level is of course water! On top of fire damage you have to add water to the mix which can lead to mold and mildew if not cleaned quickly.

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