Danger of Mold in Your Chili, IL House; Neurological Symptoms of Mold Exposure & More

Homeowners will dedicate a lot of time and effort in maintaining their home. When mold is discovered inside their home, it can be devastating as well as hazardous. There are a lot of mold varieties that are considered less hazardous than others, and most of the time mold can be easily treated. However, toxic-molds often require professional removal services to ensure the home is safe from harmful spores and contamination. American Hometown Services will share common signs of toxic-mold in the home and when to seek professional mold removal services.

Mold Can Be Hidden in the House

Sometimes mold develops within the walls or underneath the carpets and other materials. If mold is not easily seen, often other signs occur that can help reveal the presence of the mold. When mold is discovered or is plainly seen, it can be difficult to know if it is toxic or not. To determine if mold is toxic, often it will require testing. As no mold should be present in a home, here are some of the common signs of toxic mold.

Mold Smells Musty

When mold is present inside the home, often it will reveal itself with its musty odor. When mold can’t be seen, it can be smelled. When trying to find where the mold is inside the home, follow your nose. It may require cutting through walls or flooring to find the mold.

Mold Exposure is Harmful

Toxic mold particularly can cause health conditions, including a chronic cough, sinus congestion or infections, shortness of breath and rashes. For those with respiratory problems such as lung disease or asthma, the person can even develop a fungal infection within the lungs. Mold spores can also cause inflammation on the skin, rashes, swelling, and other topical irritation. Whether mold is visible or hidden within the wall, often the household will develop these underlining health conditions which are often warning signs that it is a more toxic mold within the home.

Neurological Symptoms of Mold Exposure

Mold can have other effects on the human body and some can be more discrete. Some other signs or symptoms of a toxic mold presence inside the home is fatigue and lack of focus. Typically, after a few weeks of exposure to mold, household members often report feeling fatigued and/or having lack of focus. As mold isn’t always the culprit to fatigue or lack of focus or even memory loss, it can be a sign that there is mold inside the home.

Mold Stains

One of the last signs of mold is mold stains or the visual presence of mold. One of the more toxic molds is black mold. However, to determine if mold in the home is toxic the mold can be tested. If tests reveal that mold is toxic, it is essential to seek professional mold removal services.

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