Cost of Water Damage Restoration Cleanup of Contamination and Mold Remediation in Highland, IL

Water damage can cause all types of issues and problems for homeowners that result in a big headache and lots of stress thinking about costly repairs. Water damage to a home can come from a variety of sources like floods from severe weather or broken pipes that are leaking into your home. The extent of water damage to a home can become quite serious and also cause serious health and safety issues. Not only does water damage your home, but also your other valuables that it comes into contact with. Furniture, electronics and carpet are also common victims of water flooding into a home.

Fast Water Extraction Prevents Mold

One of the best actions you can take if your home is experiencing water damage is to act quickly. Even if it seems like there is hardly any water present. If your basement has only an inch of water in it or is just barely damp, it is still the perfect breeding ground for mold. Once mold starts to grow, it spread very quickly. Mold will ruin a home’s walls, carpets, furniture and flooring. Mold also presents serious health risks by causing poor indoor air quality. Mold is a fierce enemy against people who suffer from respiratory issues and asthma. Remember that the smallest amount of water that leaks into your home can still be the cause of a great deal of damage. Thoroughly inspect your home for any possible leaks or signs of water in area where it should not be.

Water Damage Contamination Categories

When a home is damaged from a flood or leak, it is important to have a professional come in and assess the damage that has been done so they know exactly what type of treatment your home will need to be fully restored. There are three categories of water that are based upon the level of contamination. Category one is water that comes from a sanitary source like a toilet tank, faucets or bottled water. Category two is water that has some level of contaminants. If ingested this water would cause a degree of discomfort and possible lead to illness. A washing machine overflow, toilet overflow or dishwasher overflow are all examples of category two water sources. Category three water is severely unsanitary and will cause serious illness or death if ingested. Examples of category three water are sewage, flooding from rivers or streams, water from beyond the toilet trap, and standing water that has begun to provide microbial growth.

Professional Water Damage Repair, Mold Removal & More in Quincy, Macomb, Hamilton, Warsaw & East Alton Illinois | Hannibal, Missouri

Water damage to a home may seem impossible to repair and you may think there is no possible way to completely remove all of the water that has entered into your home. The best avenue to take after your home has experienced water damage is to contact a professional. American Hometown Cleaning has the experience and tools it takes to restore a home back to its original state and protect you and your family from the serious health risks that come from water damage. Contact American Hometown Cleaning today to restore your home back to its beautiful condition after water damage.

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