How to Get Cigarette Smoke Smell Out of a Hannibal, MO House; Carpet Cleaning, Odor Removal & More

To the nonsmoker, cigarette odors are harsh. The smell assaults the delicate nasal passages, and sometimes are reduced to gagging or coughing from the toxic fumes. Even worse, when a nonsmoker gets offended by the odors, it can make them sick. There a few reasons to remove the cigarette odor from your home. Maybe you recently moved into the perfect house or apartment and realize the odor, or perhaps you met someone who will tolerate the smoking habit, but can’t live in a home where the odor is pungent and you want to neutralize the smell on their behalf. No matter the reason, we will provide some ways you can remove the cigarette smell from your home.

Clean the Air in Your Home

You need to begin with cleaning the air. Yes, the air is a big help. Start by opening all the windows, and doors if you are comfortable. The fresh air will help immediately. White vinegar will help deodorize. Place a bowl of white vinegar in every room. Be mindful of pets and children and keep the bowls out of their reach. Keeping a purifier in the rooms you most often dwell in will speed the process up. Believe it or not, orange or lemon peels fights odors! Simply boil the peeling for a more traditional approach. Replacing the air conditioner filters is important to aiding the clean air.

House Cleaning

Begin by cleaning the walls and ceilings. Thoroughly wash surface floors, windows and their screens, ceilings and fixtures. This is best accomplished with a bleach and water formula, however, before applying, do a test patch on each location in an inconspicuous places to ensure the colors and materials won’t be compromised. Be mindful of the wood. If there are hardwood floors, clean them with a good wood-friendly cleaner. Don’t forget the kitchen cupboards. Wiping down bookshelves, lamp shades, and anything that is exposed to cigarette smoke is critical to not be overlooked when removing the odors.

Does Painting Get Rid of Cigarette Smell?

If after the area cleaned still wreaks of cigarette smoke, you may have to do a paint job on the ceiling and walls. Be sure to use a sealant before painting to prevent the odor from seeping through over time. If painting isn’t your thing, a professional handyman from American Hometown Services, Inc. will gladly assist.

Professional Steam Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are the next target. Carpet fibers are naturally prone to absorption. It may take a skilled professional to provide a thorough deep clean. However, it can’t hurt to try using an odor removing detergent first. Again, make sure it doesn’t compromise your carpet by doing a patch test, if you are good to go follow labels instructions. Once dry vacuum well. If the smell persists, a professional is likely needed.

Clean Blinds, Curtains & Drapes

Cleaning the blinds and drapes gets over looked plenty. A hot water and vinegar mixture is most beneficial for removing odors. Do not soak overly long as vinegar is a natural bleach and can lighten the colors. Be sure to rinse with warm water after 5-10 minutes. Cigarette odor sticks to fabric, including clothing. Neutralizing the odors on your clothes is essential for removing the cigarette smell from your home.

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If the cigarette odor doesn’t diminish, call a professional like American Hometown Services, Inc. We have many services offering you a cigarette odor free environment. Contact us today to learn more!

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