Common Causes & Prevention of House Fires in Fowler, IL; Cooking in Kitchen, Space Heater & More

There are times that you might end up in a disaster. This could be in your daily life, a car accident and a storm that hits your area. It can also be in the form or a house fire as well. These are times in your life that you have to act fast and know how to recover. When it comes to a house fire you want to make sure that you hire a professional team that can come out and do remediation to get your home back to a livable condition. The damage that is caused when you have a house fire can be extensive and will include several levels of damage. You will have damage from the actual flames, smoke that can get in every area of the house and the water damage from the fire rescue that likely occurred. The only way to properly recover from this type of disaster is to use a professional that has expertise in the field. You also should understand what causes house fires so that you can do what you can to avoid this type of devastation. American Hometown Services outlines the most common causes of house fires to help you avoid them.

Kitchen Cooking Fire

One of the most common reasons the fire department is called to put out a fire is due to a cooking issue. Each home has appliances that use fire and gas to that you can cook food. The problem is that if they are not used properly or they have not been watched over they can cause a fire. A fire can also be caused when you are cooking and you are not careful with the surroundings. If there is a washcloth too close to the open flame it can cause a fire. If you start using the stove or the oven and forget that something is being cooked it can start a fire. Lastly when you are using oil and grease in the kitchen it can cause a fire that will move fast. It is important that if you are cooking you keep a clean space and keep your attention on what you are doing at all times.

Space Heater House Fire

Some people want to have their home warm and comfortable when you are in the middle of the winter. A mistake that many people make is to bring in some other heating device like a space heater. These are a huge factor in house fires during the winter months. You cannot plug a heater into an extension cord or it will overheat and that will cause it to start a fire. A space heater creates a lot of heat and should be used in a well ventilated space that has a clear radius surrounding. Most people place them too close to beds and other furniture which will ignite and cause a fire.

Careless Cigarette Smoking Can Start a Home Fire

It might be a surprise but smoking in the house is still top of the list. Many people that smoke in the house will sit down at the end of the night and smoke while they are trying to relax. All it takes is for them to fall asleep and drop the cigarette on the chair or couch. The next thing you know is that the house is on fire and you are running out to save your life. It is best to only smoke outside the house which will help to ensure you don’t fall asleep when doing so.

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