Commercial Restaurant Carpet Cleaning & Cooking Grease Stain Removal in Macomb, IL

Owning a business assumes a lot of responsibility, but restaurants include even more. Where presentation has as much influence as the food in a dining experience, cleanliness is especially important and carpets that are riddled with stains and grease do not display a well manicured, sanitized and ambient place to consume food. In an age where review sites and social media can reach millions of consumers, making a good impression is vital. With that in mind, we at American Hometown Services would like to relate to restaurant owners about professional carpet cleaning.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Schedule

Most commercial business property owners, no matter what industry, understand that carpets need to be periodically cleaned by professionals to remove the traffic soiling paths, stains, spots, and debris that have built up. But restaurant owners frequently ask how often should their carpets be cleaned with the added food and beverage stains as well as the grease accumulation that appears. Though each restaurant may vary depending on volume; it is recommended that the carpets are professionally deep cleaned every 1-3 months. The following are the primary factors when determining the frequency of carpet cleaning for your restaurant:
– Daily Foot Traffic
– Depth of Employee Maintenance
– Contact with Food Prep
– Contact with Food Service
The more exposure the carpets have with the above, as well as well as how busy your restaurant is daily dictates how soon you should get your carpets professionally deep cleaned.

How to Get Cooking Grease Stains Out of Carpet

Carpets are easily impacted by the grease production of the kitchen; the more that is in the kitchen, the more that makes contacts with servers shoes, tracking on the carpets as well as the airborne deposits from the kitchen’s fumes and the additional buildup from the hard flooring being swept and mopped. Because of the grease, pollutants carried in from guests and the natural elements of dust, dirt, and debris, the carpets quickly look grimy and dingy. Foot traffic patterns rapidly evolve; adding to the unattractive display. Additionally, the longer grease especially lingers, the harder it becomes to dissolve. With monthly deep cleanings you can contain the volume of grease that builds up.

Benefits of Commercial Carpet Cleaning for Your Business

There are many advantages to having professional carpet cleaning services scheduled monthly; some examples of the benefits are listed below.
1) Improved Indoor Air Quality. Routine professional carpet cleaning improves the indoor air quality and the overall health of your restaurant because with the use of extreme heat instantly kills any microbe contagions such as bacteria, germs, mold spores, and mildew that linger in carpet fibers and the high powered extraction process safely removes the microorganisms along with the debris, stains, and odors.
2) Sanitation. Sanitation is essential in the restaurant business; customers are relaxed and excited to dine on your menu when they can plainly see the maximum level of clean presented in your dining area.
3) Increase Lifespan of Carpet. Carpets naturally wear and tear over time, long term exposure to dirt and debris, as well as exposure different ingredients found in food and beverages expedite the deterioration, making it necessary for frequent carpet replacement. Professional carpet cleaning equipment and enzyme cleaning agents hinder the decay and make the carpets look fresh and vibrant.
4) Lasting Impressions. The first impression is all you have. Patrons rarely give restaurants a second chance and a filthy restaurant will subconscious or consciously turn off your consumers and they will not neglect to tell others about the level of clean that was including their dining experience.

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For a consultation concerning the carpet cleaning in your restaurant, contact American Hometown Services and let our experts find a maintenance plan ideal for your needs.

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