Why a Clean & Tidy Environment is Important in Hamilton, IL Workplaces & Businesses

There are numerous reasons that a clean working environment is essential. American Hometown Services will list just some of them.

Health Benefits of a Clean Workplace

Many Americans today suffer from allergies; up to 50 million in the US. Allergies can be debilitating and affect the productive contribution of the sufferer. The first line of defense is janitorial services and building maintenance. Air filters are to be changed on a regular basis and the ducts cleaned every 3 to 5 years. Janitorial services vacuum and dust removing pollen and dust mites. Dust bunnies are not benign they’re home to dust mites and other denizens like bacteria and viruses. These contagions live in our environment, many are airborne. No employer would want half his work force neutralized by Legionaries Disease. Less than sanitary bathroom facilities are off-putting and harbor the potential for horrific disease transfer. What is one of the highest bacterial concentrations in a typical office? The humble keyboard. Any centralized workstation needs to be disinfected regularly. A clean office is a healthy office with the janitorial and building maintenance personnel the unsung heroes of corporate America.

Clean Business Improves Morale

A poorly maintained and dirty office affects morale. Keeping it clean improves employee optimism and productivity. A dirty office area is depressing. Project work clutter usually is not overly controllable, but dirt, dust and grime can lower the morale of the employee affecting productivity. Never underestimate the lift given starting the day with the place vacuumed, signs of the previous day’s occupancy erased and the lingering odor of cleaning disinfectants. Subliminal perhaps, most likely subconscious, but it still affects productivity.

Clean & Organized Work Space Increases Productivity

Productivity is affected if your dayshift personnel must dump their own trash and tidy up. Better have these activities accomplished by a dedicated janitorial staff. Another area is that the janitorial staff becomes very familiar with the facility. Minor repair and equipment dysfunctions are apparent and should be reported to building maintenance. Any damage can be reported as well. Most janitorial services operate in the off-hours after the day personnel have gone home. In corporate or government offices where there is sensitive material it is prudent to have the janitorial services personnel clean daily during regular hours.

Great First impressions of a Clean Office or Business

Ever walk into an old bank or attorney’s office? The impression is ‘success’ and in doing business with them you will be successful. Opulent décor, and clean, more rather immaculate. Although décor and furnishings contribute to the overall important ‘first impression’ it is the subliminal message sent by a state of cleanliness. A good first impression builds confidence in any services rendered. Even modest décor and furnishing maybe considered, but nobody can ignore a state of disorder and overall neglect.

Janitorial, Carpet Cleaning & More in Quincy, Macomb, Hamilton, Warsaw & East Alton Illinois | Hannibal, Missouri

Good janitorial services can be in-house or contracted. Attention to detail and a regular routine are necessary for a successful cleanup and maintenance crew. If you contract your janitorial service pick a company that also has an emergency response capability to handle natural disasters like flooding or fire damage. Some companies offer vent cleaning and building maintenance services along with other related services. American Hometown Services, Inc offers a plethora of quality services. Contact us for all your cleaning and restoration needs.

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