Commercial Janitorial Cleaning; A Clean Workplace is a Happy Office Environment in Griggsville, IL

Being a business owner can be a tough job. There is no one above you to take the heat for the good or bad things that are happening. When things are going well you may not be fully aware of what components are adding to the success. There are things you are doing every day for your business that you do not consciously do. The way your office looks could be one of these things. Do you actively pay attention to how clean your office is every day? If not American Hometown Cleaning suggests you start to think about it more. Studies have repeatedly shown that a clean work environment is extremely important. Today we are going to talk about why a clean office is something that you should start thinking about.

Clean Desk & Office Productivity

We are going to start with why it is important for you and your employees to work in a clean work space. Employees are significantly more productive when the office is clean. This statement has been proven time and time again in studies on workplace productivity. It is harder to stay focused when your workplace is messy. Studies found that dirty workplaces can increase stress and anxiety levels in employees. If your employees are stressed and anxious they are not going to be able to give their very best effort to their job.

Clean Workplace Means Happier Staff

In addition to improving productivity, clean office spaces also help improve employee morale. When the office is dirty people start to complain about it. You do not need us to tell you that once employees start to complain it can have a snowball effect. One minute they have one complaint and the next the list is growing faster than you can count. As a business owner it is crucial that you try and address complaints and prevent them from getting out of hand. A clean office space is one way to do this.

Avoid Getting Sick at Work

One perk that you may not consider is that clean offices do not lend themselves to spreading germs and illness as easily. A study performed in 2014 showed that a virus can spread to 40-60% of your employees within the space of just 2-4 hours. If you have ever had multiple employees out at the same time due to illness you can understand how catastrophic that can be to your business. Making sure that your office is clean also helps ensure that your employees will be healthy enough to be at work consistently.

Importance of a Clean Office & Workplace

Not only are there employee benefits, there are also customer benefits to having a clean workplace. When customers come into your office the overall cleanliness of the house is part of what they use to make a judgment about your business. If they form a negative opinion of your business they are not as likely to shop there. So a clean office is part of keeping your customers satisfied as well.

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American Hometown Cleaning can help you keep your office clean. We can clean your carpets, tile & grout, upholstery, air ducts, exterior buildings as well as routine janitorial services plus much more. Having a clean office will make your business more successful. Contact us today!

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