Can Carpet Be Saved if it Gets Wet in Bushnell, IL? What Should You Do After Water Damage?

You come home from work to find that a pipe has broken and there is water all over your floors. Not just on your tile floor but on your carpet. Can your day get any worse? What do you do? You had nice carpet that is now covered with water do you have to replace it or can you save it? American Hometown Services wants to go over a few things that you should do if you find flooding in your house and if you can keep your carpet.

What Should I Do Immediately after Water Damage?

The first thing you need to worry about is your safety. If you find that you have a flooded room then make sure you turn off the electrical power and the water in your house. This will help stop the flow of the water and stop the power in case there are any electrical appliances or electrical equipment in the area that is flooded. Once both things are shut off then you can cautiously go into the room. But once again be careful the floor will be slippery if you have wet tile. Now that it is safe to go in, make sure you get towels, buckets, mops, and anything you can use to clean up the water. You want to be quick about it because the longer you leave the water the more damage there will be.

Trace Water Source Leak

Next, you need to find the source. It could be several things that are causing your home to flood from a clogged drain to a burst pipe. Calling a professional can help with this process to identify where the source of the flooding is, help you with the water, and assess the damage.

Assess Extent of Damaged Carpet

If you have flooding that was on the carpet you need to consider a few things before you make your decision on whether to keep it or get rid of it. First what kind of carpet do you have? If you have an indoor/outdoor carpet it can handle more damage to it. If you have a plush or deep shag carpet it may be difficult to get the carpet dry. Once you have dried your carpet you need to smell and see if your carpet has an odor or is discolored or permanently stained. If it is, then it may not be worth saving. If it does not have these things then you may consider saving your carpet.

Check Sub Floor Under Carpet

It is always important to look at the subfloor, meaning you need to look under the carpet. If there has been water damage you cannot cover it up, you need to repair it. If you do not repair it then it can cause mold to grow and cause serious health issues. Call a professional to come to check out your subfloor to see if there has been permanent damage or not.

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If you have had water damage on your carpet the best thing you can do is call a professional carpet cleaning and water damage restoration service company such as American Hometown Services. We will come to take a look and see if your carpet can be saved or if it is time to get it replaced.

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