Benefits of Vinyl Commercial Tile (VCT) Floor Stripping & Waxing Restoration in Hannibal MO

If you have ever been in a convenience store, church or school you are sure to have come across a vinyl composite floor (VCT) in the main area or even on the entry of gym floors. This tile option is a great cost effective way to get a large area covered with a beautiful array of styles and colors. The flooring is installed and then a layer of clear sealant is layered over the top. This flooring options is a great choice but tends to need a little extra care. The problem is not with the tile itself but the wax layer that is on the surface of it. The wax will harden and dry and leave the floor looking clear and shiny. When the wax begins to look discolored and dirty, even after a standard cleaning it may need a specialized service.

American Hometown Services offers Vinyl Composite Floor Stripping and Waxing to get your floors looking just like new!

Why do my VCT Floors Look so Dirty?

If you have VCT floors in your business, you will notice that over time the floors will not come clean. You can clean them and wipe up any spills quickly and they will still begin to hold onto some of the dirt and debris. The top layer of a VCT floor is wax and it will start to hold onto the dirt. This usually will happen in high traffic areas where more people tend to walk through. You will notice that even after a thorough cleaning you are still looking at a dingy floor.

VCT Floor Wax can get your Floors Looking Clean and New

There is hope for your VCT floors when they start to k look dingy and dirty. A professional cleaning service that has expert training in stripping and waxing can be the answer you are looking for. The wax layer that is on the top of the tile needs to be removed from the tile itself. This is the layer that is holding all the actual dirt and debris. This is the stripping part of the floor restoration. The wax is essentially stripped from the tile and left exposed and ready for a new fresh coat of wax. The waxing part needs to be done just right to be sure that you end up with a beautiful, clean and shiny floor.

VCT Floor Stripping & Waxing Keeps Customers Coming Back!

When you have the floors stripped and waxed you are showing all the patrons that visit your building that you care about your business or office. This will also contribute to the amount of people that return to your business and become a regular customer.

If you are interested in having your vinyl composite floors stripped and waxed call American Hometown Services in Quincy, Macomb, Hamilton, Warsaw & East Alton Illinois | Hannibal, Missouri and Norman, Oklahoma today.

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