Why Does Water Stain Carpet in Maryville, IL & How to Clean & Remove Stubborn Water Spots from Carpets

You may not realize it but water can actually cause a stain on your carpet. This is called water spotting and it happens because there are minerals in the water as well as soil in the carpet and upholstery. The left over result is a water stain or water spotting. It can seem odd or even crazy to think that water which is the main component to cleaning can actually cause a stain. The stain can be hard to treat so knowing what is happening is a great start. American Hometown Services outlines what water spotting is, how it happens and how to clean it from carpets.

Spilled Water on Carpet?

Water seems to be one item that just should not stain but the outcome of dried water can leave a spot. Water is a substance that can stain and that is due to what the water also has in it. Water is full of sediment and minerals that after the water actually dries those are left behind. The sediment and minerals are on the carpet or upholstery and that can leave a spot that is unsightly. This is how you end up with water spots.

Why Does Water Stain Carpet?

Water makes up the majority of the earth’s surface and is necessary to sustain life. Water is made up of hydrogen and oxygen elements but the path that it takes to your home means it collects more along the way. The water runs through the earth such as rocks, dirt and other environments and that means it is introduced into the water. Now the main components are only part of the water you are now using to clean with. Some cities and counties also will add more to the water such as fluoride which is just another item on the list. The water can have different levels of sediment and minerals and that can lead to different types of spots.

How to Remove Water Spots from Carpet

Water spots are not a good look and you need to have a plan to treat them and remove them. One of the things that is left after the water dries are minerals. The minerals can be broken down by vinegar which is mild enough but can still end up causing damage. The interesting part about water spots is that the water once it has dried is not the issue but the left over sediment. The sediment is not something that soaks into the fibers but is usually on the surface. That means that some warm water is the best start. You can use warm water in a bottle to spritz over the area that you want to treat. Once it has been sprayed you can agitate the area with a brush or your hand. This will pull the sediment away from the fibers. You can then use a wet dry vacuum on the area. The vacuum will pull up the rest of the spot.

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If you have a water spot you want to have treated you can always hire a professional carpet cleaning company. We can deep steam clean your carpet as well as treat stains and odors.

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