What is Trending in Kitchens for 2022 in Pontoon Beach, IL? Floor to Ceiling Kitchen Cabinets & More

When it comes to your new kitchen remodel, you may be overwhelmed with options, or have no idea where to get started. For creative ideas and functional features, many people will turn to the internet for some perspective. Today, we at American Hometown Services would like to take the opportunity to share a handful of trends that are ideal for your kitchen remodeling project.

What is the Next Popular Trend in Remodeling Kitchens?

Moody Hues. As they make their way into our kitchens, dark and moody tones are gaining momentum. Go for forest-green cabinets, to create a darkened room that doesn’t evoke feelings of anger, for instance. To achieve a refreshing take on a moody look, complement these darker cabinets with simple white marble countertops.
Wood Slat Cabinets. When it comes to cabinetry, wood slat cabinets have become all the rage in recent years. For good reason, raw natural woods are becoming more and more popular. For their functionality and aesthetic, homeowners looking to create a minimal kitchen workspace run towards wood slat cabinets. When you desire clean lines and rustic appeal, combining a minimalist approach with great woodsy style, wood slat cabinets are the perfect solution.
Floor-to-Ceiling Cabinets. Storage is an important element in any kitchen, whether you cook enough to get by, or a family chef. In order to create built-in storage solutions, more and more homeowners are turning to the vertical kitchen space. In your next kitchen remodel, a seamless way to declutter a kitchen is with the addition of floor-to-ceiling built-ins.
Cover the Ceiling with Subway Tile. Subway tile will never go away, no matter how much we may fight it. Year after year, this is the one trend that seems to come back. However, the subway tile trend has been altered just a little to not only serve as a magnificent backsplash but to envelop the whole wall lately. You provide your kitchen with a look that guarantees you will never want to leave your kitchen simply by creating a subway tile that goes all the way up to the ceiling.
Tone on Tone. Kitchens are using a single color and adding interesting elements with various takes on that same hue, much like the moody hues. This one continues to fascinate homeowners alike because of the effect it has on the eyes. You are allowed to feel comfortable preparing meals in your new kitchen simple by using varying tones of the same color, your eyes can start to rest.

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Ultimately, there are many avenues homeowners can choose to make their kitchens trendy while implementing a unique element. Your kitchen should reflect your own style, personality, and dynamics. If you need more storage, bolder colors, upgraded appliances, new floors and countertops, and much more for your kitchen remodeling, consider the expert artisans of American Hometown Services. Our trained and experienced team of specialists use advanced equipment and premium products to execute our kitchen remodeling services. With quality workmanship, you can expect quality, long-term results on your kitchen remodel, call us today to schedule your consultation.

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