What is Included in Commercial Building Property Maintenance in Hannibal, MO? Handyman Repairs & More

Commercial properties require care and maintenance for a number of reasons, such as keeping the establishment clean and in condition due to local codes, impress visitors, and ensure employees are working in a healthy, safe environment. Maintenance services involves more than cleaning, it often includes construction and handyman services that are needed almost on a daily basis. Today, we at American Hometown Services would like to discuss the basics of what is involved in commercial maintenance.

Commercial Plumbing Repairs

The plumbing needs to be running well at all times, no matter if it’s for a commercial building or multi-family housing. Common plumbing repairs include:
– Unclogging Drains
– Leaks
– Repairing Faucet
– Installing Sinks
– And More

Light Bulb Replacement

An important part of the security of the building is the exterior lighting of your building. Your customers or tenants need to have clear visibility during the night and early morning hours when it comes to your parking lot. When you consider the elements, your fixtures are up against as seasons change, it is inevitable that repairs will need to be made to the exterior lighting as well as parking lot lighting. Interior lights are equally important to maintain since it keeps your business fully functional and productive.

Interior Facility Maintenance

In many different areas, the interior of your building will likely need repairs. In addition to minor electrical services, the ceiling fixtures may occasionally need to be repaired. Tile and grout and other flooring materials frequently need restoring that goes beyond the routine cleaning. Your building starts to look less and less presentable when all of these small repairs go unnoticed. In order to keep the building functioning and aesthetically appealing, professional maintenance service focus on the maintenance of the various elements of the maintenance.

Exterior Building Maintenance

The exterior needs to be properly maintained to appeal to your customers, equally or even more so than the interior of your building. Professionals will keep your property in pristine condition. Additional exterior maintenance can include painting, pressure washing, minor window and door repairs, fence repair, signage repair, and more. To keep it properly maintained, the exterior of your building will give people their very first impression of your business or housing, which makes it so important.

Cleanup Cosmetic Vandalism Damage

Vandalism is occasionally a problem with business unfortunately. The vandalism seemingly is like it never happened when the professional repair and clean the vandalism that can be caused.

Commercial Building Property Maintenance & More in Quincy, Macomb, Hamilton, Warsaw & East Alton Illinois | Hannibal, Missouri

In addition to the above services, our commercial maintenance services are designed to provide handyman services that include electrical repairs, structural construction, and mechanical services, among others. With any repair and maintenance problems you may have in your building, American Hometown Services’ professional handyman team can assist you. Our team of professionals has the training, experience, along with proper tools, equipment, and products to ensure our services are executed with care and efficiency. Call American Hometown Services to discuss your commercial maintenance services.

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