What Carpet Stains Seem Impossible to Remove in Macomb, IL? Candle Wax, Blood & More

Carpets are used in homes and many commercial settings. Carpets are great! The absorb sound reducing noise, acts as an additional insulation layer, and makes the surface of the floor soft and comfortable. Carpet is easy to care for. You only need to vacuum the carpet, tend to stains as soon as they occur, and have the carpets cleaned about every six to twelve months. However, occasionally carpet can develop stains that may seem near impossible to remove. Today, American Hometown Services will share information on some of the worst stains an how you can remove some of the most stubborn stains.

Candle Wax Carpet Drips

Candle wax isn’t the traditional stain. You will need to remove the wax and sometimes the pigment from the wax, from out of the carpets. You may think you will not be able to get wax out of the carpet. However, wax can be removed even when the wax has soaked deep into the carpet’s fibers. To begin you will want to remove the wax on the surface of the carpet. You will want to place ice over the wax to harden the wax. Once the wax has been hardened, you will want to use a butter knife to scrape the thicker chunks of wax off the surface of the carpet. Next you will want to use a brown paper bag, an iron, and a lightly dampened towel. Place the brown paper bag over the wax, heat up your clothing iron on medium heat. Place the damp towel over the paper bag and use the iron over the damp cloth. The goal is to heat the wax deeper into the carpet and the paper bag will absorb the wax out of the carpet. You may need move the paper bag around to a fresh spot until the wax is out of the carpet. Use a spot carpet cleaner to remove any staining residue from the candle wax. Allow the site to air dry and vacuum the carpet to restore the carpet’s texture.

Blood Stains on Carpet

If you have blood that fell on the carpet you will want to use a simple mixture of liquid dish washing soap in cold water. Using a white cloth, blot at the blood stains. If there is a lot of blood on the carpet, before blotting you will want to use a dry cloth to absorb most of the blood out of the carpet. If the dish soap doesn’t remove all of the blood from the carpet, you may need to use ammonia to remove the rest of the stain. Dilute the ammonia in warm water and use the same blotting technique. Again, allow the site of the stain to dry and vacuum the carpet.

Pet Accidents on Carpets

Both urine and feces, due to your pet’s little accidents, can be difficult to remove and particularly the odors. You will be most successful removing pet stains yourself if you clean the stain right away. As long as you clean the pet stain quickly, you will find you can prevent and remove the stain and odors. If you have an old pet stain, consider seeking a professional carpet cleaning service. If you are removing pet urine you will want to grab a bunch of paper towels or a dry cloth. You will then want to allow the paper towels or cloth to absorb the urine out of the carpet. To clean the stains you will need to mix one cup of warm water with a ¼ teaspoon of liquid dish soap. Use a sponge and blot at the stain to clean the carpet. You can also use a spray bottle to apply the cleaning solution. Urine is typically easier to clean as compared to feces stains. When you need to clean up your pet’s droppings, you will need to first remove the droppings from the carpet. Once you have removed the dropping from the carpet, you will need to be careful when cleaning the stain. You will want to use the same diluted mixture of ammonia and apply the mixture over the stains. Use a white cloth and blot the stain. Avoid scrubbing as you will simply make the stain worse. You will need to apply the clean cloth and then use water to rinse the area by press down on the site. You will need to repeat this process until the stain is removed.

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