What Are the Main Causes of Water Damage in a Macomb IL Home or Business & How to Your Cleanup, Repair & Restore it?

If you have ever been a victim of water damage you know that it is a real chore to clean up after it. The amount of water damage can be small or can be large but the cleanup needs to be done fast and right in order to keep the damage from getting worse. Water damage can be from many different causes and each one can create devastation to a homeowner. Water damage clean up and restoration is best left to a professional. The steps that needs to be taken to do the job right are very specific and you need to use the right tools. Water damage can lead to mold and mildew growth that can then lead to health concerns to anyone that is in the home. Even leaving a very small area untreated or not treated correctly can have huge ramifications.

American Hometown Services Lists the Most Common Causes of Water Damage to a Home.

Water Heater Flood Damage: If you have never had a water heater go our then you can’t hardly imagine the amount of water damage that can be caused. The tank that makes up the water heater is full constantly with water that is being heated for use in a home. The water heater is built to last up to ten years as long as it is taken care of. They are normally installed in a basement or a garage. The problem comes when a water heater goes out and breaks, since all the water has to go somewhere. It will start to spill out until it drains all the way which means there is a huge chance for water damage to occur.
Water Leaking Sinks and Toilets: This is another common problem that leads to water damage. A toilet that backs up not only can cause water damage but the water that is backing up can be coming from the sewer. That makes the cleanup even more pertinent and the dangers much worse. A toilet can back up and continue to drain water in a bathroom until you turn off the water to the house. The sink causes water damage a little sneakier. Many times the sink has a slow leak or drip that over time will start to warp and ruin the wall or cabinet that it is installed in.

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Whatever reason you have for water damage in your home you want to leave the cleanup to the professionals at American Hometown Services. We offer full service emergency water damage restoration and mold remediation services to assist with floods and leaks any time of the day or night. Call American Hometown Services today for help in restoring your home after water damage.

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