Water Damage FAQ in East Alton, IL; Can You Leave an Air Mover On Overnight & More

Today American Hometown Services is answering a number of questions many people have when they experience water damage on the process of taking care of the catastrophe.

Q: Why is the air in my house feel extra dry?

It is essential during the drying process that the moisture in the area is dry as dry as possible, including in the humidity levels. As a result, the equipment is designed to remove the moisture from dwelling. The effects are temporary and once the restoration is complete, the humidity levels will balance back out.

Q: Can the drying equipment operate all day and night?

To contribute to the total drying process as quickly as possible, the specialized equipment is engineered to operate continuously in a specific way. It is important that you do not flip off any of the equipment. You do not need to worry about overheating or safety issues as the equipment can operate for months at a time without any risks.

Q: Can I turn the equipment off at night to stop the noise?

We understand it can be difficult with unfamiliar noises, but you must NOT turn off the equipment, even to sleep. They are required to function 24 hours a day to ensure the structure is completely dry to minimize the damage and reduce chances of mold.

Q: Should the doors and windows be open during the drying process?

Generally, they should remain closed. The outdoor climate conditions can influence the drying process inside. To ensure the water damage is handled effectively, leave windows and doors closed, keep the fans off, and do not operate the HVAC system until you have consulted with the restoration company. The professionals will assess all the circumstances and setup the most efficient method and techniques to dry out the structure.

Q: After filing a claim do I need to wait the adjuster to come out before I call a restoration company?

This really depends on the circumstances. For example, you are expected to do everything you can to mitigate the problem, prevent further damage, and avoid health concerns until you get your insurance company involved in the state of an emergency. If you are able, you should stop the source of water flooding your home, remove any personal possessions and furnishings from the infected area and do what you can to eliminate the pooled water. Do not throw anything away and take plenty of pictures. If you know you are covered, call the restoration company to avoid further damage and health concerns. Wait until the adjuster has had a chance to assess the damage before reconstruction for covered losses.

Q: Does my insurance company dictate who I use for water restoration services?

Not at all; much like the using insurance to repair a vehicle, the insurance company can recommend reconstruction companies, but you do not have to use who they recommend. Experts at dealing with adjusters and insurance companies, most reputable water damage restoration companies know the drill working with major insurance companies and can offer assistance along the way. More often than not, the restoration specialists will work directly with your adjuster to help the process be as easy and smooth for you.

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We are able to answer all your questions if you do not see yours listed above. If you are experiencing water damage, don’t delay and call in the experts of American Hometown Services as quickly as possible to let our technicians get started on restoring and rebuilding your home.

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