Tips to Keep Trash Bins & Garbage Dumpster Pads Clean in Warsaw, IL; Don’t Overfill & More

One of the most neglected items in your home or business are trash cans and garbage bins. Even with the use of a quality liner, over time these receptacles buildup unsanitary residues and odors. Periodically, trash and garbage cans and dumpster pads need to be cleaned to avoid smells from developing and control the residues, germs, and bacteria from spreading. Not only are the potential odors and contaminants and issue, but trash bins can attract pests when they are unkept. Today, we at American Hometown Services, Inc would like to take the opportunity to discuss the fundamentals the cleaning trash cans.

Use Garbage Bin Liners

To help you prevent a lot of gross layers from accumulating in the bottom of indoor kitchen and bathroom trash cans for your home or business, always use a liner. It is the easiest and most sanitary method from taking out the garbage to maintaining cleanliness. No matter how many trash bins you have throughout your home or business, you should ensure there is a fresh liner daily for the bins that are more than ¾ full a day, and the others should never go longer than a week.

Don’t Overfill Trash Cans

Costing you both time and convenience is overfilling both outdoor and indoor. Where it might seem more frugal to smash trash into the basket and compact it, so more trash can fit in it, you risk tearing the trash liner, adjusting it so much that trash can slip between the side, and slide to the bottom, defeating the purpose of the liner. Incorporating the trash removal as a part of your routine cleaning is essential, especially for high-traffic areas like kitchens and bathrooms. The outdoor trash should never be overlooked when the trash services comes for pickup.

Cleaning Outside Garbage Areas & Dumpster Pads

No matter how much prevention you diligently follow, eventually, the trash cans will need to be cleaned to clear away the gross residues, bacteria, and germs that have spread on the inner and outer surface. Outdoor trashcans and dumpster pads should be cleaned every 3-4 months where indoor garbage bins are better off cleaned once a month. Right after the trash has been taken out or picked up in the case of outdoor bins, is the best time to take the opportunity. The best way to clean outside trash cans and dumpster pads is to hire a professional pressure washing company like American Hometown Services.

How to Clean a Trash Can

1) Empty the trash and liner, ensure all debris is cleared off the bottom.
2) If the weather permits, it is best to rinse and wash the trash cans outside, but if you must, we recommend in the shower for more space. The garden hose can also be equipped with pressure nozzle to help the process be more efficient.
3) Mix together 1 Gallon of warm water, 1 Tbsp powder laundry detergent and ¾ cups of chlorine bleach. Pour into a labeled spray bottle for easier application or use your preferred commercial made disinfecting cleaner. Apply the cleaner and let it set for 5 minutes.
4) After 5 minutes, reapply the solution and use a stiff brush to scrub the inside and outside of the garage bin clean, ensuring you get in the corners and edges.
5) Thoroughly rinse the debris and cleaner residue away and prop it upside down to allow it to drip dry.
Before you begin using the trash bin, make certain it is dry. For extra freshness, place a dryer at the bottom, followed by a fresh liner. Putting a liner in before the bin is fully dry will breed mildew, potential mold and other germs and bacteria.

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