Steps to Remodel a Bathroom in Hannibal, MO; From Project Plan to Communicating & Contractor

When planning a bathroom remodel for the first time, you may be wondering where to start. There is a lot to do when planning a remodel, especially when a bathroom is severely run down. Remodeling a bathroom can be a little rough when you’re not sure where to start. To ensure you have a smooth remodel, American Hometown Services will share a few tips when planning a bathroom remodel.

Renovating a Bathroom; What to Do First

Form a Bathroom Remodeling Project Plan: Before you begin demolition you will first want to make a basic plan. Grab a note pad and begin taking notes. Start with the top and work your way down. Inspect your bathroom and see what changes you would like to make. For example, you will probably want to repaint walls, replace fixtures or flooring. Begin writing down the details of what you want to change. Make sure you are making your bathroom better for your day to day use.
Plan the Remodeling Budget: While you write down your bathroom remodeling details, you will also want to set a budget. Will you do your own remodeling or will you use a professional? Additionally, know what materials cost before the remodel. It is important to know what the materials and professional help costs before you begin. This way you can properly prepare and set a budget for the project.
Create a Bathroom Remodeling Schedule: Bathroom remodeling takes time and will require the homeowner to be present if using a remodeling service. Whether you plan to do your own remodel or use a professional remodeling service, you will want to schedule the remodeling during an available time frame. This means you will want to have all of the materials at the site before the scheduled remodeling date. A few weeks before the remodeling, begin ordering or buying the fixtures and materials you wish to use to ensure that all material is on site to help ensure a smooth and timely remodel.
Know when to Hire a Bathroom Remodeling Professional: There are many people who will do their own remodel. However there are times where it is beneficial to use a professional. If the bathroom has been destroyed by mold on many of the bathroom surfaces such as walls, insulation, and wood cabinets, you will require a professional to remove the infected materials safely and treat the area for mold before finishing the remodel. For those who lack the proper tools or experience you will have a better and smoother remodel if you use a professional. Additionally, it can help save money. Professionals come with all of the tools and experience which can save time and the cost of tools. Professional remodel contractors also know all of the building codes and can make sure the finished project is completely up to code.
Communicate with Your Remodeling Contractor: If using a remodeling contractor, communication is important. The more detailed you are with the remodel, the quicker and smoother the remodeling will go. Don’t have your contractor guess what you want, make sure to provide all of the details. This will help make sure the contractor is never confused. You will then get the bathroom you want.

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