Signs Your Hardwood Floors Need Refinishing in La Grange, IL; Age, Damage & More

Hardwood flooring, regardless of the room it has been installed in, is a great investment to any home. It adds value and beauty. However, as the wood ages it is exposed to plenty of foot traffic and damages that eventually require the wood to be refinished. Keep in mind that age alone won’t be the determining factor as to when your hardwood floor needs to be refinished. American Hometown Services will share the common signs that your hardwood floors need refinishing to help extend the wood floor’s life, usage, and beauty.

Signs Your Hardwood Floors Need Refinishing

Scratches – Overtime, and with frequent foot traffic that accompanies it, can leave the finish or sealer on the wood floor scratched. Of course, there are a number of elements that can penetrate past the finish and scratch the actual wood as well. Scratches in both the finish coat and the wood can leave it weak and susceptible to future damage such as splintering. It is important for the hardwood’s integrity to maintain the protective finish. When your wood becomes overrun with scratches, it is time to refinish the hardwood.
Wood Turning Gray – Hardwood that is looking discolored or gray is a sure sign that the wood has been exposed to dirt and general wear. Most hardwood floors are sealed or have a protective finish of polyurethane. As the polyurethane begins to wear away, the wood will be left unprotected. The surface of the wood will then absorb moisture and dirt. In turn, this fades the color of the surface of the wood. When the wood begins to look gray, even in small areas, this is a warning sign that the surface of the wood is no longer protected and needs to be refinished.
Black Wood – When the wood finish begins to wear away it leaves the wood exposed, as stated before. When the wood is exposed to moisture it can also cause the wood to look black. This is the first stages of wood rot. When wood is exposed to moisture it will begin to soften and even decay. If wood is left unprotected too long then in most cases the wood will need to be replaced.
Water Damage – Other signs of water damages besides discoloring is the wood will separate at the seams. Because hardwood excessively expands and contracts when exposed to water, it can cause the wood to separate leaving large gaps in the wood seams. When the wood dries the wood can even begin to split.
Sun Damage – Sunlight constantly hitting the hardwood can cause the wood to discolor and dry. Typically, the wood will look bleach or lighten in color as the sunlight and heat dry out the wood. Once the wood becomes dry it will begin to crack and splinter. You will want to refinish the wood at the first sign of this problem. Make sure you pick a finish that protects wood from sun damage, especially if that particular room gets a lot of sun light.

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Refinishing hardwood floors can be quite labor intensive. Usually the hardwood floor will be stripped of the old finish, then sanded down, cleaned, and a new sealer will be reapplied. If you find you’re unable to refinish your hardwood floors, contact American Hometown Services. We provide hardwood flooring refinishing services. Contact American Hometown Services today.

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