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According to studies carried out by independent consulting companies, more than 90 percent of the individuals using public restrooms take proactive measures to eliminate contact with as many surfaces as possible. Using paper towels to touch handles or the bottom of shoes to flush the toilet or even elbows to open and close restroom doors, many of us go to extremes when it comes to utilizing the services of a public restroom. There are many health risks associated with using public restrooms include Streptococcus, Staphylococcus, E. coli, Shigella bacteria, Hepatitis A virus along with the common-cold virus. The study also concluded that there is no connection between how clean a restroom looked and the level of germ and other contaminants found. The knowledgeable cleaning technicians at American Hometown Services are the experts when it comes to commercial cleaning practices and keeping public restrooms free of dirt, germs and other contaminants.

American Hometown Services list areas that require special attention when cleaning, and often overlooked by cleaning companies that are less experienced or lack the necessary equipment and training to provide a quality clean.

Disinfecting toilet seats: the majority of the public fear the toilet seat as being the primary source of germs and as a conduit for bacteria. It may come as a surprise to learn that the toilet seat is not at the top of the list for transmitting disease. Even if the toilet seat were contaminated, a person using the seat would have to have an open sore or cut for cross-contamination to become an issue. According to independent studies performed on outdoor portable toilets, the toilets were found to be cleaner than picnic tables, shopping cart handles and children’s playground equipment.
Cleaning sinks & faucets: While it is true that germs gather on faucet handles, the restroom sink is actually the most contaminated surface in a public restroom. Why? The area is constantly damp which creates the perfect environment for microorganisms to multiply and survive. Thanks to sensor-controlled faucets, users very rarely touch the restroom sink. The experts at American Hometown Services pay particular attention to sinks and other areas that are prone to moisture.
Sanitizing toilet mists: Although the actual toilet seat is relatively safe, the same does not hold true for toilet mists. Every time a toilet is flushed, microscopic water droplets in the form of a mist are released from the bowl. Depending on the type of toilet, age of the toilet and water pressure, the mist can cover a five foot radius and spread a myriad host of germs and bacteria.
Cleaning feminine-hygiene disposal units: Independent studies performed by the American Society of Microbiology indicate that the outside of a sanitary napkin disposal unit is one of the most contaminated areas within the women’s restroom. Disposal units become contaminated not only as they are used, but also as a result of toilet mists.

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The professional cleaning technicians at American Hometown Services are proficient at seeking out the germ-related problem areas in your public restrooms. We clean and sanitize paying particular attention to the areas that need it the most. You can be assured that your employees and your customers can use the restrooms in your facility without fear of contamination. A clean and sanitary bathroom will also increase the productivity of your employees and cut down on absenteeism caused by germs and illness.

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