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Especially when creating an atmosphere to minimize employee sick days and encourage staff productivity, maintaining a clean workplace is critical. With your employees’ health and business appearance, a clean work environment can have positive effect. This, among countless other reasons, is why it is important to contract commercial cleaning services. In order to clean the environment and ensure a safe workplace, they use the right chemicals that are effective and harmless. Today, we at American Hometown Services would like to discuss how commercial cleaning prevents pest infestations in your business.

What Causes Pest Infestations in a Commercial Office?

For many types of businesses, hiring a commercial cleaning company can be a cost-effective investment. Pest infestations can easily develop due to spilled food wastes, contaminated water source, as well as unclean desks, doors, computer keyboards, and restrooms. To make your workplace safe and effectively remove dust, allergens, mold, and other pests, you need a professional cleaning service.

What Will Help Prevent Pests in Your Business?

To help keep your business pest-free, professionals focus cleaning on the following list below.
Clean Food / Beverage Spills: You can’t assure you that your workplace is free of pests just having a dust bin closed or the area around the bins clean alone. Especially ones that contain sugar, pests can grow on the spilled foods if your employees eat their lunch at their desks or in a small break room. Immediately clean up food or leftover liquids on the desks. To minimize food spills and provide a clean workplace, experts will clean hard floors, desktops, countertops, carpets, and tabletops.
Minimize Moisture: The growth of pests can be encouraged by a broken water source around your workplace. To keep your workplace pest-free, be certain to have poor drainage, leaky faucets and pipes, and wetness problems repaired as soon as possible. Though they commercial cleaning company cannot work on these problems, experts can identify and report the spot and signs of moisture problems.
Take Out Trash: One of the main causes of pest infestation is food waste. Make sure to dispose of food wastes in a trash can that has a securable lid. Make sure to have the trash taken out at the end of every workday, whether or not it is full. The disposal of food wastes and emptying dust bins every day is emphasized by a commercial cleaning company. By providing pests an abundant food source, an open and full bin leads to pest infestation. To thoroughly clean the areas around the dust bins, professionals use cleaning agents and chemicals, which reduces the risk of pest infestation.

What Common Signs of Pest Activity Would You Look for in Your Business?

Common signs that inform you about the pest infestation in and around your workplace are listed below.
– Physical damage
– Pest droppings
– Nests
– Dead pests
You can hire a commercial cleaning service to conduct a thorough examination in your workplace, since some pests are harder to detect. Different places are assessed to identify the signs of pest infestation.

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With the help of pest control services and high-quality professional commercial cleaning services, you can keep the pests at bay. For your commercial cleaning services, call in the experts of American Hometown Services.

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