Preparing for Carpet Cleaning; What to Do Before the Commercial Carpet Cleaners Arrive in Fowler, IL

Office buildings often cover their floors in carpet to help reduce the noise and improve concentration. There are many benefits of using carpet in office buildings. However, just like the home, office carpet needs to be deep cleaned about every 6 months. When hiring a professional carpet cleaning service to come and deep clean the carpets in your office, it helps to properly prepare the building for quality carpet cleaning. American Hometown Services will share how to prepare offices for carpet cleaning to ensure a deep thorough carpet cleaning.

How Often Should Office Carpets Be Cleaned?

In order to maintain a healthy environment, an office setting should have the carpets cleaned about every 6 to 8 months. When you hire a professional cleaning service, the carpets are deep cleaned to remove dirt, pollen, and bacteria in the carpet. Dirty carpet doesn’t just look bad, it can also affects the indoor air quality. Dirty carpet can lead to allergies and even illness within the office. To help maintain clean carpet in the office building, it should be regularly vacuumed. However, when carpet needs deeper cleaning, a carpet cleaning service is hired to come and clean the carpet. Carpet cleaning can be scheduled during off hours, such as early in the morning or later in the evening so as not to disturb office productivity. Carpet cleaning in office buildings can be scheduled to clean small sections or departments at a time for larger buildings as some buildings may be large and have multiple floor and office rooms. Not all of the building can be cleaned within a few hours.

Preparing for Carpet Cleaning

When hiring a carpet cleaning service there are a few steps to do before the carpet cleaner arrives. To ensure the office is thoroughly cleaned, it helps to prepare the carpeted site. As office desks may not be easily moved it is recommended to move chairs so the cleaning service can maneuver more easily. Some offices may use long curtains to cover windows. If the curtains in the office areas are long and near the floor, it helps to pin the curtain halfway up so they don’t interfere with the cleaning service. For smaller furniture pieces, if possible they too should be removed from off the carpet. Additionally any personal items that may sit on the floor or is delicate in nature, it is also recommended they be removed from the cleaning site. It helps the cleaning service to have as much of the carpet exposed as possible before cleaning. In so doing, it can help the cleaning service be more thorough and get the job done quicker. Another helpful step for the carpet cleaning service is to provide them with nearby parking space and plenty of room to unload their trucks as well as their cleaning equipment.

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Carpet care is essential for offices and other commercial settings to maintain a clean and healthy environment. Additionally, clean carpet helps improve the look of the office area as well as the carpet’s longevity. If you own or manage office buildings and other commercial sites, contact American Hometown Services. We provide many services including commercial carpet cleaning and much more. Contact American Hometown Services and schedule our services today.

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