Mistakes People Make When Cleaning Grout in Warsaw, IL; Using Hard Scrubbing Tools & More

When you are trying to get the deep cleaning done in your house there is one area that is always troublesome. Tile and grout is an area that can get overlooked but can also get dirty fast. The area that gets the filthiest is the grout. The reason is that the grout is set a bit lower than the actual tile. As you sweep the floors the dirt will settle in the lines and cause them to become discolored. When it comes to spills on the floor the liquid will settle in the grout as well. As it sits there the grout will stain! This is why you might see darker spaces in between the tile in areas that spills have occurred. When it comes to trying to get the tile and the grout especially clean most people don’t have the time to take care of them properly. When the grout is left uncleaned or untreated it can lead to permanent damage. Be sure that you don’t make these common mistakes when attempting to clean your own grout floors.

American Hometown Services Lists Mistakes You Should Never Make When Cleaning Your Grout

Don’t Soak The Grout With Water: There is always a conception that to get something really clean you need to use a lot of water! That is true in many instances such as washing a car or cleaning the dishes. The opposite is actually true when it comes to trying to clean your grout lines. The grout is porous and has many holes that can and will soak up the water that you use. If you use too much water on the grout it will soak in and that will cause the grout to become brittle and could start to break apart. If you attempt to get your grout cleaned on your own it is best to use a small amount of water to protect the grout.
Don’t Use Grout Cleaners That Are Artificially Colored: A mistake that some cleaners make when grout cleaning is to use a cleaner that has color in it. The grout is often a light colored option that can be susceptible to discoloration. The color of the cleaner can transfer to the grout and stain it. You want to be sure that if you use a cleaner that it is similar to the color of the grout you have or a light color without artificial coloring in it.
Avoid Hard Scrubbing Tools on Grout: It seems as if the grout is the perfect shape to grab a hard bristle brush. Although it might be a good fit you need to be careful about the hardness or stiffness of the tool that you choose. The bristles need to be soft enough that when you scrub the grout it will not cause any damage. There are brushes that are made to clean your grout and if you are not certain about how to use them it is best to hire a professional.

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