Is it Safe to Work in an Office Space Now in Camp Point, IL? How to Sanitize Workplace During Covid-19

The safety and well-being of your employees should be the number one concern for an office building administrator. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, a healthy office depended on its cleaning service. With a proper commercial cleaning service, the office will look nice and tidy as well as be safe from any germs, viruses and bacteria. Often the cleaning service is underestimated and an inefficient cleaning is almost accepted. American Hometown Services would like to share the elements of proper cleaning that can make the office safer.

Quality Indoor Ventilation Systems

There are many different aspects of cleaning. In most cases it will involve a dedicated cleaning service. However, there are other aspects of having a clean and healthy office space and one is a ventilation system. It is important to get the inside air out and fresh air into the building. Germs, viruses and bacteria are found on surfaces and in the air. As the cleaning service will remove the surface germs, viruses, and bacteria, the ventilation system will help remove them from the air. The combination of a good ventilation system and cleaning service greatly improves the well-being of all of those inside the office building. Most office buildings will have a ventilation system through the HVAC system. However, the office building manager can take extra steps in improving the ventilation system such as using high quality air filters that are designed to capture pathogens and making sure the filters are changed regularly. To take it a step further, make sure to have the air ducts cleaned once a year to ensure the air coming into the office building is clean and fresh. A number of particles and pathogens can find its way into the air duct system. To have a quality ventilation system do not skip out on having the air ducts cleaned.

Covid Cleaning & Disinfection of Offices

As stated, a healthy office building comes from the combined efforts of a good ventilation system and cleaning service. A proper cleaning service involves much more than dusting. Due to the current pandemic, a cleaning service must follow and clean according to standards and regulations. A good cleaning service will also stay educated in CDC cleaning requirements to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Due to the pandemic, the office building cleaning needs are much more intense. Daily cleaning is now needed to disinfect the office building. A professional cleaning service will do a thorough surface cleaning of the entire building using disinfectants. However, that is not enough. To ensure the office area is free of viruses, UV disinfectant foggers are used. After cleaning the office building, a qualified cleaning member will walk through the office building with the UV disinfectant fogger which ensures that there are no traces of the virus left in the building. UV disinfectant foggers are one of the best tools we have to fight against the spread of the virus and keep everyone safer. Office buildings need proper cleaning in order to keep everyone safe and healthy.

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For a complete cleaning service that involves air duct cleaning, surface cleaning and disinfecting, as well as UV disinfectant fogger cleaning, contact American Hometown Services for a safe and clean office.

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