How to Remove Cigarette Smoke Odors in Your Warsaw, IL House; Clean the Air, Carpet & More

The smell of cigarette smoke can be offensive, especially to the non-smoker. When the smell is extremely excessive, the odor assaults the delicate nasal passages, occasionally reducing them to gagging or coughing on the toxic fumes. For those even more sensitive to the smell of cigarette smoke, the odors can be nauseating. When moving into a new home, whether it is a rental or ownership, moving into a new home that has a dominant smell of cigarette odors can be more than uncomfortable. In an effort to neutralize the cigarette odors, we at American Hometown Services have listed a few suggestions to help.

What Absorbs & Removes Cigarette Smoke Odors?

1) Clean the Air & Remove Cigarette Toxins. The air itself needs to be cleaned, as it helps quite a bit clearing out the odors. Ventilation helps, start by opening the windows to let in the fresh air. White vinegar contributes to deodorizing cigarette smells. In the center of every room of the house, place a bowl of white vinegar. If you have pets or kids around, be sure the bowl is placed where they can’t disrupt it. Place a purifier in the rooms as well; start in the more commonly occupied rooms first to expedite the process. Additionally, citrus peeling also fights odors. For a more traditional approach, boil lemon or orange peelings. Whether they need it or not, replace the air filters because a lot of residues and cigarette ash are likely trapped in them. If you are overdue for air duct cleaning, it’s a great idea to schedule this service now as well.
2) Get Smoke Smells Out of Hard Surfaces. Ceilings and walls need to be cleaned, not just to remove the dust and cobwebs, but the smelly cigarette residues. Use a disinfectant to wash the hard floors; bleach can not only disinfect the germs but it can be a perfect option to remove odors. Always do a patch test in an inconspicuous area to ensure it is safe on the tile flooring. Wipe down the fixtures, and wash the windows and any pre-existing custom fitted blinds. If you still can detect a harsh odor from the walls and/or ceiling, consider repainting these surfaces. Utilize a sealant first to trap any odors, otherwise they will eventually resonate.
3) Hire a Carpet Cleaner for Cigarette Smoke. The carpet fibers are especially porous to absorbing odors, including cigarette smoke. If you opt to do the deep cleaning yourself, ensure the detergent used is designed to fight odors. A professional deep carpet clean is highly more efficient and will remove neutralize the odors affiliate with cigarette smoke far better.
4) Get Smoke Scent Out of Fabrics. Cloth made blinds and drapes or curtains that are in the new home, especially likely if it is a rental, will need special attention. Keep in mind fabric made lamp shades and other such items found in the home. Treat these areas with a hot water and vinegar mixture. Vinegar can lighten fabrics, be mindful how long you let the mixture sit before removing; 5-10 minutes is all you need.
5) Get Smoke Out of Hardwood Floor Surfaces. Hardwood floor could also absorb cigarette odors. Be sure to use a citrus, wood friendly cleaner that will not only protect your hardwood floor, but remove the odors as well. Cupboards, bookshelves, and other such wooden surfaces exposed to long term smoking can also be saturated with odors, treat them as well.

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If you are finding it difficult to remove the cigarette odors from your new home, consider calling the experts of American Hometown Services can provide some assistance. Call us for our air duct cleaning, move-in cleaning services and more to help neutralize the odors.

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