How to Clean & Organize Storage Items in Your Attic or Basement in Warsaw, IL to Avoid a Hoarder Situation!

Just like the garage, the attic and basement are places where things and stuff just accumulate. Sometimes there is so much clutter that the task of organizing it can seem overwhelming. Most of the time people don’t even know where to start when it comes to decluttering the attic or basement. American Hometown Services is here to share some tips to help you get started and successfully declutter and clean your space.

Assess What Storage Space & Items Are in the Attic or Basement

The first step in organizing your belongings that have found themselves in your attic or basement is to assess what is in there. This is best done with help. Doing this on your own can seem overwhelming and unattainable, but when you have help you have better chances at being successful. Take your time as you tackle this; it didn’t accumulate in one day and it probably shouldn’t be organized in one day either.

List of Categories for Home Organization

Once you have a better understanding of what is actually up or down there, you can start coming up with different categories your belongings might fit in. These could be outgrown baby clothes, out of season clothing, camping gear, heirlooms, holiday decorations and more. With categories in mind, you can start creating designated areas for those categories.

Decide on the Best Storage Solutions for Your Needs

There may be things in your attic or basement that aren’t stored properly and are in danger of getting damaged over time. Now is the time to come up with some good storage solutions for those items. Plastic bins that have a tight-fitting lid are a great option. If you are storing clothes, clothing bags that have a zipper to keep unwanted pests out of them can be used. If worse comes to worse, sturdy boxes are better than having your items loosely set up inside your space.

Come Up with a Labeling System to Organize Belongings

Labeling the containers or boxes that you decide to store your things in is one way to keep your attic or basement organized. When you label your boxes and containers thoroughly, you will be able to easily find items if you find yourself in need of them again. Once you have labeled everything, it is a good idea to keep an inventory of all your belongings and where they are located in the attic for future knowledge and accessibility.

Have Shelving Installed for Easier Access

When trying to figure out a way to organize your attic or basement, coming up with some sort of shelving system or hanging system for clothes that should be hung will help you navigate your space in the future. When everything has a place and the labels can neatly face the outside of the shelving, you will be able to find it quickly and effortless when you need it.

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Organizing your attic or basement is a big job. One that takes a lot time to complete sometimes. If you don’t have the time or the desire to sift through it all, the professionals at American Hometown Services can help you clean and organize your home for you. Call us today!

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