How Long Does it Take to Properly Strip & Wax a inyl Composite Tile Floor in Palmyra, MO?

If you are trying to keep your floors in your business and commercial space looking their best you need to make sure they are refinished. This is a term that most people assume goes along with wood floors but you can refinish many types of flooring. One of the most common types of floors that are used in commercial spaces is vinyl composite tile flooring. This is a type of flooring that is easy to care for and to keep looking its very best. The flooring can start to become dirty and dingy but the great thing is that it usually is just the top layer that is there to protect the floor itself. There is a process that you can have to your floors that removes it and can be refinished. You want to make sure that your business makes a good impression and you can start with good clean floors.

American Hometown Services Outlines What it Takes to Strip & Wax VCT Floors

How to Strip Tile Floors: One of the things you should know about vinyl floors is that they are installed in your commercial or even residential space and then they are treated. The vinyl floors need to have a layer of protection so that the tile is not damaged. The layer that is put on the floors can be removed and that is what is considered stripping the vinyl floor. The wax can start to become dirty and dingy and no matter how many times it is cleaned it will not come off. The wax has to be removed and it should be done by a professional. They can treat the floor with a chemical blend that will then take the wax off the surface. The professional will often work in a particular area at a time so that they can treat the spot that has the remover on it. This can take some time and it requires the expertise of a professional to ensure that the wax has been removed.
How to Seal Tile Flooring: After the floor has been stripped down to the vinyl you want to make sure that they are then sealed again. The sealant is a great way to protect the vinyl and ensure that your vinyl lasts longer. The other great thing about the sealant is that it will add some shine to the floor and is needed before you apply the last layer of the flooring.
How to Wax Vinyl Floors: The last layer that is applied to the floors is the wax that you just spent all the time to remove. The fresh coat of wax will allow you the ability to clean the floors and keep them looking their best. The wax is the layer that is the part of the floor that you then have cleaned and polished. The final product will be sleek and slick and beautiful so that you can continue to focus on running the business.

Vinyl Composite Tile Floor Stripping & Waxing in Quincy, Macomb, Hamilton, Warsaw & East Alton Illinois | Hannibal, Missouri

American Hometown Services can come to your business or residence to strip and wax your vinyl floors which will likely take a day to complete depending on many factors such as the floor size, temperature, humidity and number of wax coats needed. Call us today to meet with our experts.

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