How Do You Remove High Traffic Stains from Carpets in Hartford, IL? Stain Remover Supplies & More

Every home and business will develop walking or traffic patterns on their carpets. With people walking along their carpets every day, eventually all carpet will develop traffic patterns. However, when traffic patterns do develop, they can ruin the beauty of the carpet. Those smashed and grayish sections of the carpet simply look terrible. American Hometown Services will share how you can remove traffic patterns from your carpets.

How Do You Get Tough Traffic Stains Out of Carpet?

If you want to attempt to remove high traffic pattern stains in your carpets yourself, there are steps you can take. With the right technique you may be able to remove the stain and help restore the carpet’s texture. To restore traffic pattern stains you will need to follow these steps:

Carpet Stain Remover Supplies

First you will need to gather baking soda, white vinegar, liquid dish soap, and you will need warm water. You will need to put the warm water inside of a clean bucket and mix in the liquid dish soap and the vinegar together. Next, sprinkle the baking soda generously over the high traffic pattern. Afterward, you will want to apply the water mixture over the baking soda. You will notice the baking soda will begin to bubble. The bubbling will lift out the dirt that is deep in the carpet. Allow the mixture and the baking soda to do its work for 15 to 30 minutes.

Rinse Carpet After Cleaning

Now you will need a carpet cleaning machine with plain water to rinse and remove the baking soda and cleaning mixture out of the carpet. You will need to only use water to rinse and clean the carpets. Make sure to thoroughly extract as much of the cleaning mixture and water from the carpets as you possibly can. Once the carpet has been rinsed, leave it alone to dry. After the carpet is fully dry you will want to vacuum the carpet to restore the carpet’s texture. Avoid walking on the carpet when it is wet or you can cause traffic pattern stains all over again. To prevent the traffic pattern stains from returning, make sure to keep the carpet vacuumed and cleaned, You should then avoid walking on the carpet with shoes on whenever possible.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

If you do not have the time or tools to effectively remove the foot traffic pattern stains, you can always seek out professional help. A professional carpet cleaning service can help deep clean the entire carpet and remove the dirt that is causing the traffic pattern staining. They can also restore the carpet’s pile that has been flattened down due to years of foot traffic. With routine carpet cleaning you can get rid of traffic patterns in your carpet and maintain freshly clean carpets. Along with getting rid of those traffic pattern stains, by maintaining clean carpet, you will help to extend the life of the carpets and improve its aesthetic.

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If you find that you need help getting rid of traffic pattern stains in your carpets, American Hometown Services can help. We provide carpet cleaning, commercial and janitorial cleaning services and much more. To schedule our services, contact American Hometown Services today.

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