How Do I Know if I Need My Air Ducts Cleaned in Bethalto, IL? Mold, Dust, Dirt & Pests in Ductwork & More

When cleaning a home or even a commercial building, one area that often goes unnoticed is the air ducts. The air ducts can have a major impact on how clean the inside of the building really is. All of the air created by the HVAC system is circulated through the air duct system and into the home or building. This fact alone means anything inside the air ducts will be circulated into the home each time the HVAC system runs a cycle. Not only should the air ducts be kept cleaned, but there are also times the air ducts are demanding to be cleaned. American Hometown Services will share some of the times that clearly indicate it is time to have your air ducts cleaned.

Mold in the Air Ducts

When mold develops in the air ducts you have a health hazard problem. Mold can develop in the air ducts when moisture penetrate the ductwork. Depending on the types of mold that develops, the health threat can be severe. When the HVAC runs a cycle, it helps spread the mold spores deeper into the air ducts and into the home. The mold is easily exposed to everyone inside the home or building. When mold develops in the air ducts you may smell a musty odor in the air. Mold dust which can be black in color may accumulate around the vents. When mold is detected, you will want to have the air ducts cleaned quickly to stop the spread and exposure to the mold.

Dust & Dirt in Air Ducts

Super dusty air ducts can make it impossible to keep a home and business clean. The dust inside the air ducts will simply be blown out each time the HVAC runs a heating or cooling cycle. Dust not only keeps the inside of the building or home dusty, even after cleaning, but it can also trigger allergies and asthma attacks. Over time a lot of dust can build up inside the air ducts and when it does you will want to have the air ducts clean and free of dust. Some of the obvious signs of dusty air ducts is frequent dust covering the surface inside the home. Another is dust around the air duct vents and on the ceiling. For those with sensitive immune systems you will also have allergies inside the home.

Bugs & Critters Recently in Ductwork

When you recently discover that pests have made their way into your air ducts and used them for passageways, you will want to have the air ducts cleaned. There may be pests that died inside the air ducts as well. Pests also leave behind waste such as feces, urine, dander, dead skin and more depending on the type of pest. A number of pathogens are spread through feces and urine, especially rodents. To reduce a potential health hazard, make sure to have the air ducts cleaned after a major pest infestation.

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Air ducts are another element to the home that also needs to be cleaned out. If you run into any one of these situations, or you feel it is time to have your air ducts cleaned, American Hometown Services provides air duct cleaning services and more.

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