How Carpet Cleaning Can Save Your Business Money in Hartford, IL; Healthy Employees, Keep Customers & More

Making sure your commercial space is clean, inviting, and comfortable comes with a lot of responsibility to maintain it. Your instinct may be to save money and cut out commercial carpet cleaning when the economy is suffering. Though you may think you are doing the budget a favor, in the long run, skipping the carpet cleaning services costs you money. Today, we at American Hometown Services would like to discuss how carpet cleaning saves you money by pointing out how neglecting carpet cleaning hurts your business.

Dirty Carpets Need to Be Replaced Sooner

Since they are made with durable fibers Modern carpets are designed to last a long time. Unfortunately, despite their longevity, carpets still need maintenance to carry out their life expectancy. Just because you do not see any dirt and debris on the surface, doesn’t mean its not there. Carpet cleaning does more than just remove stains, it extracts the underlying filth built up below the surface. Leaving dirt behind causes early deterioration on the carpets. You’ll notice that the high-traffic areas are starting to look gray as the carpet fibers get crushed due to ingrained dirt without proper maintenance. Much like how sandpaper scuffs up wood, the dirt and particulates when someone walks on carpet that has dirt, dust and debris in it, it’s causing damage to the fibers. Unfortunately, no amount of cleaning will help can restore this level of damage. The only way to combat this issue, along with routine vacuuming is having a professional clean your commercial carpets.

Germs on Carpet Can Make You Sick

Though uncleaned carpets may appear alright, the contaminates not seen to the naked eye can be concerning. Dust mites are microscopic, mold spores, pollens, bacteria, and mildew can all be present. With all of these contaminates, pathogens, and allergens continually being a constant exposure to your staff, you can expect sick days and low production rates as employees are weighed down with symptoms. Regular commercial carpet cleaning services go a long way to improve the air quality in your building and keep everyone sickness-free whether you recognize it or not.

Disgusting Looking Carpets Don’t Attract Customers

Many people notice carpets looking dully grungy, and unsanitary looking. More often than not, your matted, discolored carpet suggests you care little and that turns off customers. Any visitor coming to your business expects a clean they can see and even smell. Odors and dingy carpets will give you an unattractive reputation. No one wants to spend time in a place where it looks questionable and smells offensive. Because they get a sense that you care, visitors have the confidence to do business with you. To combat odors and maintain a healthy, clean atmosphere, regular carpet cleaning by an experience commercial carpet cleaning expert is essential.

It is Worth Getting Commercial Carpets Professionally Cleaned

Don’t lose dollars to save cents, even if the economy has dropped. You waste more money in the long run when you try to cut out cleaning costs. Professionally cleaned carpets not only contribute to a safe, healthy environment, but they will last longer.

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