How Can You Reduce the Risk of a House Fire in Glen Carbon, IL? Clean Dryer Vent & More

The thought of a house fire plaguing you is almost unthinkable. The valuables that you could lose and never get back can be devastating. Your home is a place of refuge that you want to keep as safe as possible. One of the dangers that many people don’t often think about is a house fire. They happen more often than you would think and are every bit as devastating as you can imagine. American Hometown Services is here to talk about some of the ways you can eliminate the risk of a house fire happening to your home.

Ways to Prevent a Fire in the Kitchen

The kitchen in your home is a place that has several fire dangers. It can happen much faster than you realize too. All it takes is a second of distraction to potentially turn into a large fire that is difficult to get under control. You should make sure your stovetop and your ovens are always cleaned out to make sure there isn’t any food that could cause a potential fire. If you are cooking in the kitchen, don’t walk away and get distracted by other things in your home. It doesn’t take long for a fire to get started when you are working with a stove or oven to cook food.

Do I Really Need to Clean Dryer Vent>

You may not realize this, but the dryer in your home can become a fire hazard if you aren’t maintaining it properly. Part of keeping your dryer maintained is to make sure the dryer vent is free and clear of any lint. Lint is highly flammable and can cause a fire if it were to come in contact with even the smallest spark. You should have your dryer vent cleaned out regularly to avoid this. Here are some signs that your dryer vent needs cleaning:
– Clothes are incredibly hot when you retrieve them from the dryer
– The dryer is hot to the touch after finishing a drying cycle
– You smell something is burning when your dryer is on

Keep Electrical Cords Neat & Damage Free

If you are like many households, there are several things that you have to plug in daily to either charge them or use them. Before using any cords or plugging something in, make sure that there isn’t any fraying or damage to the wires. If you do find that there is damage, it is important that you replace those wires right away with charging cords that will be safe to use in your home.

Fire & Water Damage Restoration & More in Quincy, Macomb, Hamilton, Warsaw & East Alton Illinois | Hannibal, Missouri

People all over the US experience house fires every year. If you have experienced a house fire, you are more than likely dealing with a large amount of damage to your home and property. At American Hometown Services, we can help you clean up your property and restore it to the home it was before the disease struck. We will help erase the damage caused by both the fire and the water used to put it out. Call us today!

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