Home Restoration After Fire in Warsaw, IL; from Assessment of Damage to Rebuilding

Few things are more devastating than having your home and life wrecked by natural disasters, fire or floods. These are some of the most traumatizing events one can experience. These unfortunate circumstances affect hundreds of thousands of homes in the United States every year. According to the National Fire Protection Association, an estimated 374,000 homes catch on fire each year. Those numbers are devastating. Many homes are burned beyond repair, but some can be saved. The process of restoring your home to a livable, odor free and clean environment should be handled by a professional who has experience in fire restoration. Having a company who can take the hassle out of this unfortunate event for you will save you time and stress during this difficult time. American Hometown Services have compiled a short list of the process your home will go through in the fire restoration process.

Fire Damage Restoration Process

1: Assessment of Fire Damage – First an assessment on how much damage was done, determining what items will be salvageable and which items will need to be removed and disposed of. Next, plans will be drawn out and estimates will be given.
2: Removal of Materials Damaged by Fire – After the assessment has been done, any items severely damaged in the fire will need to be removed from the home. This is including burned appliances, damaged flooring, furniture, electronics, curtains, wall hangings, personal belongings etc. The next are the not so obviously damaged items that have been compromised by the smoke. These items can include items found in surrounding rooms that were not directly affected by the fire itself. Unfortunately, a lot of times this includes removal of paint and drywall in close proximity to where the fire occurred.
3: Air Out the Smoke Damaged Area – The next step in this process will be to completely air out the affected space. This is done by moving industrial air movers into the affected space and opening up windows for ventilation. Air movers are giant industrial fans that quickly circulate fresh air throughout the smoke odor filled space, and removing old, stale, smoky air from the premise.
4: Rebuild & Restore After a Fire– After the space has been completely aired out, it will be time to rebuild. This process starts by replacing the drywall that has been removed, adding texture back to the walls and re-painting the space. This is a great opportunity to make any changes to your liking to upgrade your space. This is a great “pick-me-up” after a tragedy. Any floors that may have been damaged and removed will also need to be replaced or restored at this time. Next, your appliances and furniture will be moved back into the space, whether it be the repaired and restored originals that were once in place, or new ones to replace those that were damaged beyond repair.

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American Hometown Services offers fire restoration services including home remodeling. If you need assistance rebuilding and restoring your home after a devastating fire, call American Hometown Services where you can be sure you’re in good hands. We have years of experience with talented technicians who can be there when you need them.

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