Home Remodeling to Create the Illusion of Space & Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger in Holiday Shores, IL

Does your bathroom feel dark, small, cramped, and outdated? Are you ready for a new look? If this is how you feel about your bathroom, then it is time to change up a few things in your bathroom. But what can you change? You don’t have a lot of space, so how do you make it feel bigger and better? American Hometown Services is here to help you learn a few things you can change to make your bathroom feel and look bigger and better.

Frameless Shower Door & Enclosure

If you have a shower that has frames and textured glass it can make your bathroom feel smaller. But when you have a clear glass with a frameless shower enclosure it can make your bathroom feel bigger. Without the frames and glass, you can see through the shower to the walls. Without this visual barrier, your bathroom will feel larger. This will also help make your bathroom appear more updated.

Bathroom Tile Placement

Do you want a bathroom that seems bigger? Then try changing the tile. Installing tile from the floor to the ceiling can make the bathroom look bigger. This is because there are no stopping points or gaps between different materials. Having tile go all the way to the top can help make your ceilings look taller. Also using horizontal tiles can help make the floor look wider and less cramped. When you are picking out a tile, you should look for lighter tile tones. Doing so will assist in making the room look bigger, especially if your bathroom lacks natural light.

Recessed or Hidden Bathroom Storage

If you have any bulky storage, you should get rid of it. You will want to go for recessed or hidden shelving. Replace your vanity cabinet with a pedestal sink. This will help give your floor more space and help your bathroom look bigger. The downside with a pedestal sink is you lose your storage, but you can make up the missing storage with vertical cabinets. This is a narrow tower of storage that you can use in otherwise unused space. This will help you not have the bulky look a vanity cabinet can create.

What Color Makes a Small Bathroom Look Bigger?

A bathroom with a dark color of paint not only makes your bathroom feel and look dark, but it can also really make a bathroom feel smaller. Find a paint color that is light and bright such as white, cream, pastel blue, gray or yellow. This will help give your bathroom the illusion that it is bigger and brighter.

Install a Large Mirror

To help make your bathroom feel even bigger, install a large mirror. This will help with light because the mirror will reflect the light back into your bathroom, brightening it up. Not only will it make your bathroom lighter it will also help give the feeling that your bathroom is larger than it is.

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If you are ready to get your small bathroom feeling larger then it is, following these few ideas can help. When you are ready to get your bathroom done give American Hometown Services a call and we can come design and build the bathroom you are dreaming of.

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