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Since mold thrives in dark, damp areas, black mold can begin to grow within your ductwork undetected. If it is not taken care of quickly and efficiently, this fast-growing fungus has the potential to take over your entire ductwork system. Today, we at American Hometown Services would like to discuss the impact black mold has in your air ducts. Serious health concerns along with contaminating your ductwork, that leads to spreading throughout the home, accelerates the deterioration of the materials it grows on. These are a few of the hazards that come from black mold. When mold levels start to increase, those who are more sensitive to the fungus will experience greater effects. If left untreated, black mold can present complications with both the respiratory and nervous system.

Black Mold Exposure Symptoms in Humans

In the event black mold is ingested or inhaled, its spores can cause a variety of unpleasant and dangerous symptoms. The list below includes the common symptoms of black mold exposure.
– Chronic fatigue
– Chronic sneezing & coughing
– Recurring headaches
– Rashes
– Eyes, nose, or throat irritation

Health Risks of Black Mold

In the event you are exposed to black mold for extended time frames, health risks can be more dangerous. From black mold, vomiting, nausea, and bleeding in the lungs and nose can develop. Should you be experience any of these symptoms and suspect mold growth in your home, you need an expert to assist you. For effective air duct cleaning by experts with a mold expertise, call American Hometown Services for mold remediation services.

How to Prevent Black Mold Growth in Ductwork

After the mold issue is properly resolved, you will want to prevent a future outbreak. For mold to or mildew to spread, it needs warm temperatures, high levels of moisture, and limited lighting. Once you identify the source of outbreak, you need remove these elements from the area. Below is the basic guide to preventing mold.
1) Prevent Water Leaks. Be sure any moisture-creating sources is directed and vented outside your home or building. Since mold can grow in a little as 24 hours it is vital to repair any leaks as soon as they are identified.
2) Manage Humidity Levels. Elevated humidity levels can increase of risk of black mold exposure. There can be a variety of causes that increases the humidity in your home. An HVAC expert can help you find the source if it is connected to the system.
3) Schedule Annual Ductwork Cleaning Service. You need routine maintenance to increase energy efficiency and help you prevent future mold growth. When we send out our qualified professionals as you schedule your duct sealing service, you can count on quality.

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Whether or not you have mold present, when it comes to your air duct cleaning, American Hometown Services is readily available to provide high-quality air duct cleaning services. Contact our friendly office to schedule your air duct cleaning services and our experts will ensure they are well-cleaned and mold free.

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