Hamilton Move In and Out Cleaning

Are you moving into a new home or apartment? American Hometown Services can take the stress and time out of cleaning your new place for you. We will partner you with you to provide the best service based on your specific move in or move out cleaning requirements. Are you moving out of a rental? A thorough cleaning can mean the difference between getting your security deposit back and losing your hard earned money. Making sure your old home or apartment is squeaky clean may just be the deciding factor. Are you staging a home for resale? Make your home stand out with a professional cleaning that will leave your old home looking brand new and give you an edge over the competition. Are you moving into a place? Help eliminate allergies to pets and dust with a deep clean before you move your furniture and belongings in. Big or small, American Hometown Services can help you get those pesky cleaning chores out of the way so you can sit back and relax!

American Hometown Services has prepared the following cleaning tips:

Give a little time and attention to corners, baseboards and walls – these areas are often overlooked in weekly cleaning and dust and dirt tend to accumulate there. Sweep before wiping down with a damp cloth. The cloth acts like a magnet and will pick up any residual dirt and grim that may have been left behind.
Clean kitchen and bathroom cabinets – start from the back of the cabinets and work your way to the front. Before you sponge them down, don’t forget to dust them out first. Clean with a soap and warm water mixture. You will be surprised how much dirt will be removed.
Wash Windows – Clean windows brighten a room and allow extra sunlight. To avoid streaks, clean with a vinegar/water mixture and wipe windows with newspaper. Using newspaper instead of a cloth stops fibers getting stuck on the glass. If you prefer to squeegee, make sure your start at the top of the window moving downwards. This will also help stop streaking.
Sanitize Bathrooms – Wipe down all surfaces, faucets and knobs etc. with disinfectant. Make sure you wipe down the medicine cabinet and the back of the toilet. Clean mirrors with a vinegar/water mixture. Don’t forget to wipe down with newspaper. Sweep and mop floors after you have cleaned everything else.
Scrubbing Kitchens – Start with the fridge or the oven as these appliances will be the most time consuming. Take all shelves out of the refrigerator and wipe them down with a baking soda and warm water mixture. Remove and soak oven racks in warm soapy water. This will help loosen any grim. Wipe clean. When cleaning cabinets, start top to bottom, leave floors till last. Don’t forget the dishwasher, run a hot cycle and add vinegar to mobilize odors.
Prepare Bedrooms – wait until you remove all the furniture from the room. Check walls; remove any nails, picture hooks and adhesive. Take note of any holes; add spackle, smooth and sand. Even the smallest mark will be visible especially in an empty room. Clean windows and floors.
Shampoo Carpets – Clean carpets last after all the furniture has been removed. You can start by doing spot cleans yourself. For deep set stains – contact American Hometown Services to arrange an appointment with one of our professional cleaning technicians. It is well worth the investment.

The above list of professional move in and move out cleaning tips certainly sounds exhausting; especially when you don’t have the proper equipment, specialized training, extensive experience and unlimited patience that a professional house cleaning company has. Whether you need a one time move in cleaning, weekly house cleaning, daily janitorial services or anything in between, contact American Hometown Services to schedule customized cleaning services!

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