From Attic to Basement Clutter Cleanouts

Thoughts of cleaning your attic and basement are probably accompanied by a feeling of dread. We are all guilty of dumping every bit of “stuff” or “things” that we don’t really have room for, don’t really know what to do with, but just can’t bring ourselves to part with in the attic or basement. After all, out of sight is out of mind, at least for the short term. If you have been feeling guilty about the amount of “bits & pieces” piled up and you have flashing thoughts of becoming an amateur hoarder, you are not alone. Most people find it easier and are more comfortable with packing their belongings away rather than parting with them permanently by disposing of them once and for all. Unfortunately, this process leads to a much larger problem, as well as building up clutter, you are creating the perfect environment for spiders, small rodents and birds to build a home in. You are your family members could also be at risk in these potentially dangerous areas were you to trip or fall or have large or heavy items fall on top of you.

Cleaning Basement Clutter Avoid Mold and Moisture Problems

Clutter in the basement can cause odors, mold and moisture problems and poor indoor air quality. But it’s not just your attic or basement that is affected; poor air quality and odors can also affect other areas of your home. Once you have made the decision to clean out the basement or attic, there is a solution that can make this arduous task a lot easier. You can recruit an experienced cleaning company to help you remove all of the items in the attic and basement and provide an expert professional cleaning to rid these areas of mold and mildew. American Hometown Services is your one stop shop for all of your basement and attic clean up requirements. But how do you go about preparing for such a daunting task? The seasoned technicians at American Hometown Services recommend that you organize this type of job in steps and phases, laid out clearly from beginning to end.

Clear Purpose to Cleaning and Organizing your Home

The experts at American Hometown Services offer this advice: Pre planning – have a strict plan in place and go about the process of organizing in a methodical way. Do you have an idea of what you are going to find in the attic? Ensure you have a clear purpose to your cleaning and organizing. Are you going to throw away a lot of items or are you looking to re-arrange and re-package most of the items? Do you have a time frame for the task to be completed? Unpacking and organizing – Once you have a clear plan you are ready to start. Begin with boxes that you are unsure of the contents, especially unlabeled boxes. Make sure you have containers on hand to transfer items into. When sorting items you should have clear categories in mind. Once you have your items sorted you will need to make some hard decisions on what you are going to dispose of and which items you are going to keep.

Disposal of Unwanted Items and Goods

At American Hometown Services our technicians understand that the relocation of items can be a difficult process. However you need to be realistic. If you have no room left for items in your attic or basement the only other option is to relocate some items to public storage which can be costly. Once you have sorted out which items you are going to throw away, place them in garbage bags and separate them from the items you are going to keep. If you have a large number of bags, your American Hometown Services technician can organize additional resources like a skip bin for disposal of the unwanted items. Reorganize your space – When you have decided on the items you will be keeping, you will need a plan or layout that maximizes your storage space. Discuss space saving options with your American Hometown Services professional or look on-line for space saving ideas. Contact American Hometown Services today and ask to speak to a customer service professional to schedule an appointment for attic & basement cleanup also ask about our other residential cleaning services to keep your home clean and fresh.

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