Dust Coming in Through Windows & Doors in Marcelline, IL? Best Dirt Trapping Doormats & More

You may be surprised at how much dirt gets into your home. Prevention is always better that having to deal with a cleaning task. Stop dirt before it gets in because the best kind of dirt is the dirt that stays out of your house!

How to Keep Dirt Out of Your Home

1. Use doormats. Using mats will keep the dirt from getting in in the first place by getting it off your shoes. Sure dirt gets into your home through the air and open windows but the dirt that gets tracked in on your shoes is far more significant. Place a doormat at each entrance, inside and outside because the majority of the dirt that enters your home comes in on your shoes and the shoes don’t have to look muddy or dirty either.
2. Use the right doormat size. You can reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning if you use the right mats and the size you go with is key. The mat needs to be longer than a typical stride which means you need to walk over the mat with both feet before you come into the house for it to be effective in removing dirt. The width of the mat doesn’t need to be wider than the door.
3. Use the right kind of doormat. The best mat for indoors is one with either a vinyl or rubber backing because they are easy to vacuum and shake outside to remove dirt. There are lots of colors to choose from but go darker to hide stubborn dirt. Use rubber mats outside and you deal with lots of mud consider placing a wire rack under it so mud can be scraped from boots or shoes before entering the house.
4. Limit entrances to your home. Doing so will reduce the dirt that gets in and you won’t need to clean as much if people aren’t walking in at multiple entrances. Most of the grime won’t even get into the rest of the house if the floor is easy to wipe.
5. Don’t wear shoes in the house. Consider going shoeless to reduce the amount of dirt in your home. Ask family members and guests to remove their shoes once they walk in. Place a basket or another receptacle where shoes can be placed.

How to Clean & Maintain Indoor Doormats

Mats are super easy to keep clean. Occasionally take them outside and give them a good shake to remove dirt that has accumulated and run a vacuum cleaner over them every once and a while. If they get really dirty then just take a garden hose to them and scrub them with a bit of liquid dish soap and warm water. Rinse them out and let them dry but make sure they’re totally dry before you put them back on the floor. If moisture gets trapped beneath them it might damage the floor or mold can develop. Replace any mats that get threadbare as they are less effective in trapping dirt when they get to that point.

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Dirt loves company and will act like a magnet so dust often to keep it from building up. If you need help keeping your home dirt free consider hiring a cleaning service. You can count on American Hometown Services to keep your home or business dust free. Give us a call today!

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