Dust Blowing Out of Vents? Will Cleaning My Air Ducts Make My House Less Dusty in Beverly, IL?

It is that time of year when many homes and businesses are considering doing a little spring cleaning. When cleaning your home or business, there are areas that do not get daily, weekly, or even monthly cleaning such as the air ducts. The air ducts do not require frequent cleaning. However, they do benefit from yearly cleanings. Dust, hair, mold, and even pests can accumulate inside the air ducts and then contaminate the indoor air. With yearly cleaning, air ducts can be kept clean and free of contaminants. American Hometown Services would like to share the many benefits of air duct cleaning and the common signs that it is time for you to schedule air duct cleaning services.

AC Blowing Dust Out of Air Vents

The air ducts have a major influence on indoor air quality. When the air ducts are dirty and full of contaminants, each time the HVAC system runs a cycle, those contaminants will circulate throughout the home. It is easy to say that having clean air ducts helps to make the inside air your breathe every day, far cleaner. Another major benefit of clean air ducts is also a cleaner home. As air ducts can develop a ton of dust over time, when the HVAC system runs a cycle, dust will blow throughout your house. For those who work all day to clean their home’s or even businesses, and there is a fresh layer of dust within minutes of cleaning, the air ducts are usually the primary culprit.

Will Air Duct Cleaning Fix the Air Quality in My Home?

When air ducts develop contaminants, it is because they have a number of nasty things inside the air ducts. At times mold can begin to grow inside air ducts, usually when there is a problem with the air conditioning system. When mold grows inside the air ducts the mold will release spores and the air blowing through the air ducts will send the spores all over the building. Another common type of contaminate found in the air ducts are pests. Rodents, cockroaches, spiders and dust mites can be found inside the air ducts. Pests can carry diseases, leave behind feces, dander, dead skin, and more. Pests can cause illness, asthma attacks, and allergies. By having the air ducts cleaned you will have healthier and cleaner air inside the home.

How Often Do Air Ducts Need to be Cleaned?

Some of the common signs it is time to have your air ducts cleaned is dust. You will have dust building up around the air vents and your cleaning efforts will only last moments. Those with allergies or those with respiratory problems will also notice the air quality. Due to the contaminants inside the air ducts it will affect the air and those with sensitive immune systems will suffer more. Their suffering can also be a sign that it is time to clean the air ducts. If the basic signs that the air ducts need to be cleaned are not noticeable, time is another indicator. Air ducts should, at the very least, be cleaned every three years to ensure the ducts stay clean and the home is healthier.

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