Does Professional Carpet Cleaning Remove Pet Odors & Smoke Smells in Troy, IL Carpets?

Smelly carpets can make the entire home stink. Carpets can easily absorb odors and linger for long periods of time. Luckily, odors are not permanent when you have a professional carpet cleaning service come and deep clean your carpets. Professional carpet cleaning deep cleans and neutralizes odors. American Hometown Services would like to share some of the worst odors found in carpet and how professional carpet cleaning can get rid of those bad smells.

What Will Neutralize Pet Odor in Carpet?

Our beloved pets can create a number of odors in our homes. Urine, feces, vomit and pet dander leaves odors in the carpets. When your pets leave behind dander and other fluids and waste, they penetrate deep into the carpet fibers and clear through to the under padding. The odor you smell is actually bacteria left from your pets’ waste or dander. To get rid of your pet caused odors, you will need to kill the bacteria. When your carpets smell due to your pets, the carpet is due for a deep cleaning. A professional carpet cleaning service can deep clean and extract more dirt and other contaminates out of the carpet. The cleaning solutions used will not only clean the carpets but also kill the bacteria causing the terrible odors. For homeowners with pets, make sure to quickly clean up after your pets. If they vomit or have an accident, you will want to clean the mess up as soon as they occur. You will want to use proper carpet cleaning techniques such as avoiding scrubbing the stain, using harsh cleaners, and make sure to remove as much moisture as possible. When your carpet begins to smell, seek out a professional carpet cleaning service to clean and remove the pet odor from your carpets.

What Gets Rid of Smoke Smell in Carpet?

Smoke is one of the most stubborn odors that penetrates carpets. Some come from cigars or cigarettes, smoke or soot odor arise from a fire place, or a fire that has occurred within the home can linger in your carpets. Smoke odors develop as tiny burnt particles fall and get trapped inside the carpets. The first step of getting smoke odors out of carpet is done with thorough vacuuming. Vacuuming the carpet will help remove much of the particles or soot in the carpet. However, that will not get all of the smoke odors out of your carpets. To get rid of smoke odor, we often use carpet cleaners that use activated charcoal, baking soda and other cleaners to get rid of the smoke odors. A professional carpet cleaning service uses neutralizing odor molecule based cleaning solutions to help neutralize the odors in the carpets. If you find you cannot get the odors out of your carpets yourself, you will want the aid of a professional carpet cleaning service.

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Most odors are due to bacteria or a contaminates in the carpets. You can get rid of odors with proper carpet cleaning. Some of the other common substances that frequently cause odors in caret is moisture, mold and mildew. If you have smelly carpet and need help eliminating the odors, contact American Hometown Services today.

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