Day VS Night Cleaning for Your Commercial Facility in Camp Point, IL; Energy Efficiency, Disruptions, Health & More

Finding a time to schedule cleaning services from professional providers can be somewhat challenging. Some businesses prefer to be present for the cleaning whereas other’s preference is the after hours shift to avoid daily disruptions. Ultimately, it comes down to comparing the pros and cons specific to your type of business and the hours you operate. There is plenty of room for debate. With this in mind, we at American Hometown Services would like to elaborate further on scheduling professional cleaning services.

Pros of Daytime Commercial Cleaning Services

There are no short of benefits opting to have the cleaning crew come during the day. To optimize the results of the deep cleaning, a main reason to clean in the day is because it offers more light. More advantages are as follows:
1) Better energy efficiency. While it is already occupied, you can save on energy usage if your cleaning service attends to your building during the day. The higher utility bills need to be avoided since you will not have to operate lights and the HVAC system after hour.
2) Improved response. The cleaners arrive onsite very early in the morning in order to minimize interruptions before most employees start their shift. They usually try to do the more disruptive duties earlier. To keep the noise level down, your cleaning service will do the vacuuming with low decibel vacuum cleaners, for example, before the employees are engaged heavily with work.
3) Reduce activity security concerns. At night, there are fewer people coming in and out when your cleaning service is only there during the day. For people being in the building around the clock you have to plan with night cleaning. With all entry and exit points locked with daytime cleaning, there is full security to the building.
4) Lessen the turnover rates. The night shift is not normally a desired shift. It is likely going to have a higher turnover rate when you have a night cleaning crew and insist on having a minimal staff present. The turnover rate is likely reduced scheduling the cleaning in the daytime.

Benefits of Nighttime Cleaning Services

The better option for your business might need to schedule cleaning in the evening. To result in a deeper clean, the main advantage to nighttime cleaning can provide uninterrupted cleaning. The additional benefits include:
1) Avoid disruptions. Though commercial cleaning service experts are trained to work efficiently without causing a disturbance, some facility managers still find that they prefer their cleaning service to work at night so as not to disrupt those working in the building during the day. The interference and distractions can be avoided altogether.
2) Safety and healthy environment. For those in the building allergies and asthma, along with respiratory flares can be agitated due to the dust that’s being kicked up by your daytime cleaning crew. Any employees or guests won’t be affected with evening cleaning activities that disturb dust and dirt.

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