Common Causes of Mold Growth & Sickness in Palmyra, MO; Roof Leak, Burst Pipe, Water Damage & More

Your home is a place you want to keep clean and safe for your family. There are some problems you may come across that need your attention. One of the things you should be aware of and never overlook is the presence of mold. The problem is that sometimes the mold can be hidden and you are not aware that there is really a problem. You want to make sure you know what the signs of mold are and what you can do to prevent it from growing in your house. Mold is actually a fungus and it grows in spores. The spores can spread and cause some health troubles when they are found in a house or business. To be able to understand what you can do to keep mold out of your house you need to know what the common causes are. American Hometown Services outlines the common causes of mold growth in your home.

Can a Leaky Roof Cause Mold on Ceiling?

The only way you can be sure to keep mold from growing in your house is to know what is causing it. One of the main causes of mold is when you have a roof that has a leak. The leak of the roof means that when there is moisture such as rain or snow it is leaking into the house. The leak can be in the attic space or even down the walls and the ceiling. When the roof is leaking it means you are now dealing with roof repairs, water damage through the house and many times the presence of mold. You want to make sure that if you have any damage to your roof you have it looked at and repaired right away. The longer that you allow it to remain the better the chance is that you will have mold growing.

Water Damage & Mold from Burst Pipe

Have you ever had a sink that has a leaky faucet? The faucet drips steadily all night until it is fixed. It can be annoying but more than that is can cost you. A bigger issue is if you have a pipe in the wall, under the sink or behind an appliance it can start to leak. This is another cause of mold growing in your house. The pipe can have a small or even a large leak and that creates the moisture that is needed for mold to start growing. You want to make sure you have the pipes fixed right away.

Can Too Much Insulation Causes Mold?

When you have a cold drink that is in the warm air outside it creates condensation. This is the same thing that can happen when your home is over insulated. There is a fine line between well insulated and going too far. The house needs to be able to circulate the air and if there is too much the moisture cannot escape. Be sure that you use a dehumidifier if your home is creating too much moisture.

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